Theresa Reid, Broken Arrows Performance Horses
“You think your horses look good and they are full, but then you give them some Vitalize® Equine Digest More® Plus and their haircoat changes, mane changes, top line changes, ...Read More
Ali McCullough
"My entire herd is supplemented with Vitalize®! From my mid-twenties retiree down to my 9-month-old colt. On Vitalize, my old man stays healthy, my performance horses look fantastic, my broodmare ...Read More
Emily Miller
Emily Miller, Professional Barrel Racer
"A happy horse is a horse that’s going to perform and if they are not 100%, they can’t do their job. In a competition like professional barrel racing, you must ...Read More
Coti Hausman, 2017 USEA American Eventing Championships Preliminary Rider Champion.
“In early 2019, my #1 competition horse Quantico was struggling to come back into competition shape and generally didn’t seem comfortable in work. My vets couldn’t find anything seemingly wrong, ...Read More
Krista Hunt Whitley
"The Vitalize® Equine Recovery Gel is great! Haul my barrel horses on it. Keeps them eating and drinking and my nervous hauler doesn’t drop weight. Thanks for a great product."
Becky Shaginaw Brewster
"The Vitalize® Equine Recovery Gel is an amazing product that does what it says. I’ve used it for hauling nervous horses that wouldn’t eat or drink - I even used ...Read More
Augusta Iwasaki
We have fed Alimend for a few years now and have seen a remarkable improvement in the horse's body condition and happiness. In horses that suffered from upset stomachs, the ...Read More
Emily Johnson
I use Vitalize supplements on my personal horses, my training horses, and my rescues. I can honestly say that I have never seen such a positive result result from any ...Read More
Lauren Drew
"Enzo is my 13-year-old Thoroughbred that I’ve had for almost 5 years. He’s a hotter horse with a fast metabolism, and it was tough to get and keep weight on ...Read More
Susan Hicks
"Vitalize® has such amazing products, keeps my horse healthy and allows him to eat grass even with his tender stomach!"
Marianne Bond Price
"I am using Vitalize® Products for both of my horses. My event horse was diagnosed with chronic Lyme Disease in early December and she got very thin. We put her ...Read More
Crystal Stoker
"Vitalize® has great products that keep my horse feeling and looking good!!"
Katharine Mueller
"My husband and I do extensive research when it comes to supplements and what we give our horses. The ingredients are superior, it is cheaper and it is the most ...Read More
Ginny Vickers
"My purebred Arabian colt has been fed Vitalize® since seven months of age and looks phenomenal. Plus he is outgrowing his paternal siblings. He completely skipped the awkward yearling phase. ...Read More
Paula Brown
“My horses love Vitalize®. My broodmares are healthier. My stallion recovers faster after breeding season. When I wean my weanlings they stay strong because they have the proper minerals and ...Read More
Kaitlyn Marie Fluckiger
“I have a mare that was thinner, and last night I thought she had bloomed. It just turned cold here so I was happy to see her still gaining weight. ...Read More
Ashley Swensen
“When I got my gelding back in October he was already on Vitalize® Digest More® Plus. Since then I have kept him on it and love how it works for ...Read More
Madison Hall
"He doesn’t even look like the same horse and looks so much better! He’s such a hard keeper and Vitalize® has most definitely helped with that and the way he ...Read More
Dessie Taylor
“I’ve been using the Vitalize® Digest More® Plus and the Recovery Paste (transitioned to Vitalize® Equine Recovery Gel July 2019) on my barrel horses for almost two years now, after my vet ...Read More
Tonia Steverson Huffman
“I feed Vitalize® High Performance to several of my horses and my rodeo horse and can’t say enough good things about it. It gets a ⭐️ for greatness in my ...Read More
Jennifer Pechous
“All of the Vitalize® products are top of the line! My two top favorites are the Free Choice Mineral & Recovery Paste (transitioned to Vitalize® Equine Recovery Gel July 2019). After ...Read More
Amanda Adkins
“I have started using this and absolutely love it. Even with the crazy temperature changes and inconsistent trainings, I've had zero problems. Amaferm® has a special place in my heart. ...Read More
Adrienne Epstein
"I started using Vitalize® in the beginning of June 2018. My horse is a 6 yr old Appendix standing 16.2! He came to me severely underweight and had no muscle ...Read More
Leslie McCaffrey
“I use Vitalize® Digest More® Plus and Recovery Paste (transitioned to Vitalize® Equine Recovery Gel July 2019). It’s not just what I’m seeing physically it’s what I’m not seeing.....colic!!! Happy horse ...Read More
Vickie Carnes
"Vitalize® is absolutely one of the best supplements you can give your horse. If you do not do anything else do this!"
Kylee Ruthardt
"I recommend Vitalize®. I’ve been using Vitalize® Digest More® Plus and have seen so many changes in my horses!!! It helps with horses that colic and have anxiety."
Sasha Platte
"All I can say is wow, my registered OTTB gelding has always dealt with ulcers, gut problems and stress on the road when hauling. Recently he has gotten off of ...Read More
Amanda Estep Lane
Amanda Estep Lane
"Vitalize® Alimend® has been a game changer for transitioning horses off the track into their second career. It is more cost efficient, easier to use and more effective than traditional ...Read More
Beth Harrill
"Stellar products! I work with a rescue that saves slaughter bound horses. I board and train them, and ultimately find them perfect homes. The Vitalize® Digest More® Plus has helped ...Read More
Amanda Cousins After copy
Amanda Cousins
"I started my OTTB, Art Imitates Life, on Vitalize® Alimend® after much research into the effects of things like gastroguard in their system. I was looking for an alternative to ...Read More
Lauren Drew
"I was previously using another product which also contains the polysaccharide MHB3® Hyaluronan, but switched to Vitalize® Alimend® for the higher beta glucan content and inclusion of prebiotics. I was ...Read More
Noel Fauntleroy
"After just 3 weeks of using Vitalize® Alimend®, I have noticed the biggest difference in my horse's body condition and overall happiness!! <3"
Jonathon Millar of CAN riding Bonzay
Jonathon Millar
"I think that Vitalize® Alimend® really keeps their systems balanced and as even as possible, and that has a huge effect on their consistency and the way they compete.”
Amy Millar of CAN riding Darino
Amy Millar
"We really work hard on managing the program and controlling it so that they look at the event and think, “I feel great, and I want to try harder and ...Read More
Mike White copy
Mike White
“It is unbelievable how quick it will turn the looks of a horse around. Best product on the market, period. We have 15 horses on Vitalize® Digest More® Plus.”
Bobbi Grann copy
Bobbi Grann
"BioZyme® products have been a staple part of our cattle and performance horse operation for over 20 years. I feed Vitalize® consistently to my horses, on and off the road, ...Read More
Ian Millar 1
Ian Millar, Millar Brooke Farm, 10-time Olympic Show-Jumper
“Vitalize® Alimend® is the real deal. We started with it because one of my daughter’s horses had a chronic stomach issue and we got a dramatic result. It is the ...Read More
Laura Kraut copy
Mary Elizabeth Kent, Laura Kraut Show Jumping
“Our first experience with Vitalize® Alimend® was actually around this time last year. And we purchased a horse – a wonderful horse – but he arrived, and he just looked ...Read More
Bonnie Mosser copy
Bonnie Mosser, Owner and Trainer at Bonnie Mosser Equestrian
“Since using the Vitalize® Digest More® Plus, Alimend® and High Performance products, I have seen a big difference in muscle stamina and happy appetites from my horses. It was an easy decision to put ...Read More
Carolyn Sanders copy
Carolyn Sanders
“Rain On Blu SSF aka Newton (black horse) I bred and raised, and he was Zone 5 Adult Amateur 36-49 champion 2017 and won many other championships, has been on ...Read More
Jesse Smith
Jesse Smith
“We got a horse on trade a few years ago who was a bit grumpy, distressed, spooky, didn’t want to go to the jumps, upside down in the flatwork, and ...Read More
George Eldridge 2 copy
George Eldridge, 13 shootout champion NTRL finals, #1 in IPRA rookie standings
"For years, everyone has sought the right combination to give their horses a competitive edge. Vitalize® truly has it down to a science! In the 4 months I’ve consistently used ...Read More
Tara Hill copy
Tara Hill
“Switching my horses to Vitalize® products has been the best decision I have made! I will not be without the Vitalize Digest More® Plus. The biggest difference I can see ...Read More
Marcos Costa copy
Marcos Costa, World Champion Tie-Down Roper
“The Vitalize® products allow my horses to better utilize their feed and reach their full ability. I like my horses’ hair coat and their consistent performance they are giving me. ...Read More
Jan Byyny copy
Jan Byyny, Owner and Trainer at Surefire Eventing, LLC.
“One of the most important things to your horse, I have found, is their gut health. I started my horse, “In My Air,” on Vitalize® Alimend® because my vet told ...Read More
Codi Harrison copy
Codi Harrison, USEF Young Adult 'Brentina Cup' Dressage National Champion
“The health of the horse is 100% one of their biggest factors. If they are not feeling great, they are not going to do their best and we do everything ...Read More
Derek Braun copy
Derek Braun, Owner/Trainer at Split Rock Farm, President and Founder of Split Rock Jumping Tour
“Vitalize® Alimend® is a vital part of our horses’ daily program. With the added stomach and gastric support, I have seen a complete transformation in the consistency of my horses’ ...Read More
Amanda Steege copy
Amanda Steege, Professional Hunter Rider, Owner/Trainer at Ashmeadow Farm
“At Ashmeadow Farm we have used Vitalize® Alimend® for all of our horses for over a year. We could not be happier with how they look, feel and perform. We ...Read More
Ali Wolff
Ali Wolff, Owner and Trainer at Ali Wolff, LLC. - Professional Show-Jumper
“Vitalize® Alimend® has become a staple in every one of our horses’ diets because of its effectiveness with gastric health problems. I can honestly attribute our horses’ happiness and success to Alimend. ...Read More
Kelly Soleau-Millar
"Our animals need to be as healthy as possible to compete at the highest level... and the digestive health is one of the most important things. Vitalize® Alimend® is something ...Read More
Mattias Tromp 2 copy
Mattias Tromp
“I implemented Vitalize® Alimend® into my stable’s feeding program about two years ago and could not be happier with the results. Since I started using Alimend, I have noticed that ...Read More
Kinsley Mascari
Kinsley Gail Mascari
“I’ve been using Vitalize® for 3 years now and I haven’t had one colic since! Not to mention it makes them look amazing and HEALTHY. This is the best supplement ...Read More
Rebekah and Grant Seger
Rebekah and Grant Seger
“We absolutely love Vitalize®! We have seen huge success with our show jumpers since they have been on Vitalize® Equine Digest More® PLUS. They have all gone up a girth ...Read More
Jenni McAllister
“Vitalize® Equine Recovery Paste (transitioned to Vitalize® Equine Recovery Gel July 2019) is a proven supplement with my competition horses. I use the recovery paste for each horse showing in classes ...Read More
Ashley Teasley Test
Ashley Teasley
I was introduced to the Vitalize® products on my hunt for a mineral option to meet my customer's requests. I started one of my personal horses on the Vitalize® Equine ...Read More
Erica McDonald Test
Erica McDonald
“I bought the Vitalize® Equine Digest More® PLUS for my gelding who is 55% thoroughbred. Within a week I noticed his hips start to fill out! I feed the top ...Read More
Adrienne Epstein
Adrienne Epstein
"I started using Vitalize® in the beginning of June 2018. My horse is a 6 yr old appendix standing 16.2! He came to me severely underweight and no muscle tone ...Read More
Terry Morgan
Terry Morgan
“I started using your products in the early 1980s. A veterinarian I used was the person that informed me of the product as he stocked it for his customers he ...Read More
Megan Stackhouse
Megan Stackhouse
“I use Vitalize® Equine Digest More® PLUS for all my competition horses. They are all gleaming and keeps their feet great. All the horses love it. Great product!”
Kacie Worgiss Testimonial
Kacie Worgiss
“I cannot say enough good things about these products! They keep our rope horses at their best all summer while hauling hard every weekend. I keep them on Vitalize® Equine Protein ...Read More
Hilary Irwin test
Hilary Irwin
“Since I started using Vitalize® Digest More® PLUS there has been a notable difference in my horses' overall well-being. One mare in particular has benefited tons. I ran out for ...Read More
Allie Miller VZ Test
Allie Miller | Colorado
"A couple of months ago we started our horses on the Vitalize® Supplement and I can’t believe the difference you can see! They are only on hay, pasture and Vitalize ...Read More
Vitalize Heather Chandler
Heather Chandler, RVT BS, USEA Eventing Competitor, Trainer
“I have been feeding my event and dressage horses Vitalize® for over 2 years and have seen incredible results that radiate in their top line, overall muscle building, hair coat ...Read More
Josh Little, Rope Horse Trainer and Roper, Mebane, N.C.
"I told Justin O’Flaherty I wouldn’t promote anything I didn’t believe in, so she sent me a sample of the Vitalize® Equine High Performance Pellets. After 30 days, my horse’s ...Read More
Screenshot 2018-07-05 16.56.58
Ryan Hall, 3-Day Eventing, Arlington, Texas
"My mare is a little bit calmer, which anyone who knows her would understand that. She’s not crazy, she just gets very excited about working, but since she’s been on ...Read More
Megan Lyerly, Barrel Racer, Stony Point, N.C.
"After I put my mare back on Vitalize®, I noticed she’s shedding like crazy. She was looking a little ulcer-y before because I was hauling her quite a bit to ...Read More
Hayley Knox1
Hayley Knox, 4th Generation Rodeo Cowgirl, Statesville, N.C.
"Overall, I haven’t had any ulcer issues since I’ve been feeding Vitalize®. My horses look great. It’s a great overall supplement. It keeps their bellies happy, and that is what ...Read More
Shaun_Metallic Bourbon RC
Shaun Strickland, Poison Spider Cattle Company
“Our horses are in better health, they shed off winter hair faster and aren’t as rough looking since we switched to Vitalize®. If they have gone out and pounded their ...Read More
Whitney DeSalvo
Whitney DeSalvo, Roper
“The Vitalize® products are user-friendly, as there isn’t a lot of mixing, and my horses look great. All three of my horses look better. They are staying filled out, and ...Read More
Neri Barstow, Springview, Nebraska, Team Roper & Owner, Barstow Angus
“I’ve been using the Vitalize® Equine Protein Pellet for about five months. They stay on their feed when we travel, and they stay on their water. The condition on my horses ...Read More
Stacey Oppermann, Cedarsburg, Wis., Owner and Trainer at Cedar Creek Equestrian
“I’ve always been interested in what can make my horses happier and healthier. The Vitalize® Digest More® Plus is great stuff. I’ve been really impressed, and I’ve tried just about ...Read More
John McQueen, Nationally regarded trainer and USEF R-rated judge
"Vitalize® products with the Amaferm® advantage have had an amazing positive effect on everything from my Grand Prix horse to my young Hunter! Their weight, wellness, and body shape is ...Read More
Hillary Gromus vitalize Amaferm
Hillary Gromus | Texas
After two years of removing and treating a large sarcoma on my grand prix horse Catriel Z’s chest, we had it removed for the seventh time and started feeding Amaferm ...Read More
Darby Pease Amaferm Vitalize
Darby Pease, 2015 National Medal Qualifier and EAP National Stable Manager
When I got this horse 18 months ago he was thin, had no top line, had little energy, and was a poor eater. After putting him on Amaferm, everything changed. ...Read More
kim barone[1]
Kim Barone | Minnesota
"Three years ago I had an anorexic mare that I had tried every product and treatment I could think of, but nothing helped. We gave her three Amaferm Equine Recovery ...Read More
AQHA Champion uses Vitalize
Missy Hayes | Arkansas
“I am a true believer in the entire Vitalize® line and all of BioZyme’s equine products. Prior to using these products I would use electrolytes after working our horses in the ...Read More
CZAR 2012 Horse of the Year Cherokee Arabians
Cherokee Arabians - Bob and Halena Petterson | Arizona
We have used Vitalize® products for more than 28 years and haven't found a product that works better in terms of improving overall health, hoof health and giving that winning ...Read More
Justin Davis Texas
“All of us in the performance horse world are looking for the edge to keep our horses looking, feeling and performing great. Vitalize® does all of this and more. My horses look and ...Read More
Denise Colclasure, Flying C Bar Ranch | Oklahoma
"Smart Little Dulce didn’t start out looking so smart. He was said to be allergic to alfalfa and unable to put on weight. In 5 months on Vitalize® Equine and Dulce ...Read More
Stephanie Shineldecker, Silver Win Farm | Kentucky
We have a three year old Stake Horse that had to be pulled off the track due to weight loss and digestive upset. He would only eat two or three ...Read More
Jennifer Goss & Joe Silbert | Arizona
“Vitalize® has reduced our feed costs dramatically. We are feeding half the amount of grain and alfalfa hay as compared to six months ago and increased the utilization of our ...Read More