Theresa Reid, Broken Arrows Performance Horses

“You think your horses look good and they are full, but then you give them some Vitalize® Equine Digest More® Plus and their haircoat changes, mane changes, top line changes, and they dapple. I don’t have to give them as much feed as I was, and all I do is give them the Digest More. I had one horse that had terrible ulcers – both hindgut and foregut – and while I had him, I had him on the Vitalize® Alimend®, and within a month he looked like a completely different horse. When I got the ulcers tamed back down, I put him on Alimend and he was black as a cat. His haircoat changed, he filled out. Everything about him changed. We were very impressed with it. I have a mare that is 32 that just couldn’t hold her weight. I started her on the Digest More; I give her double the amount just because off her age. Her back has dropped naturally, but where her spine is, she’s filled back in, her muscle tone has picked back up. It’s just been great for us.”