Shoshana Rudski, Upper-Level Dressage Professional

“I watched how 25-year-old horses seemed so sound and healthy on the Vitalize® products at a retirement barn I worked at, and that prompted me to try Vitalize Alimend® and Hyaluronex® Joint on my own mares – a 5-year-old just starting her career and a 15-year-old who has been in heavy work for over a decade. One of the coolest things I saw was my older mare’s stride got longer and her walk improved. For an Amish pony-turned-eventer-turned-dressage-pony, her feeling her absolute best at 15 says a lot! My older mare also ate the supplements without hesitation. She is usually extremely picky and boycotts most supplements; she won’t touch puffy mints and every so often decides green mints are below her, so not turning her nose up at new supplements is huge. Both mares are doing great on the Vitalize products, and I am super excited to see how they keep benefitting my older mare and also how they help get my young horse off to a stellar start!”