Lauren Drew

“I was previously using another product which also contains the polysaccharide MHB3® Hyaluronan, but switched to Vitalize® Alimend® for the higher beta glucan content and inclusion of prebiotics. I was nervous, because historically the other product was the only supplement to keep my horse’s chronic ulcers from getting bad, and he’s a VERY picky eater, so switching something I knew he ate fine worried me too. No problems with palatability at all! He has a medical condition that requires him to be on antibiotics every day, which takes quite a toll on his digestive system. You wouldn’t be able to tell looking at him, he’s maintaining weight beautifully on Alimend!! Having it available on through SmartPak is amazing for the autoship discount, so in addition to having more “good stuff” in it, Alimend is now more affordable than the other product.”