Hilary Irwin, Professional Rider and Trainer at Hillary Irwin Eventing, LLC.

“We use the Vitalize® trifecta, as we like to call it, to cover all the bases of our horses’ digestive system needs! The Vitalize® Equine Recovery Gel is wonderful at helping keep everything in the horses’ GI system flowing smoothly after the horses have stressful work, travel, or are competing. It is also a magical tool to get “hunger strike” horses to start eating! We use Vitalize® Alimend® to take care of ulcers. We use Alimend to help prevent ulcers, and we’ve used it very successfully to help heal ulcers. We use the daily Digest More Plus to help keep the hindgut ulcer-free. Hindgut ulcers are one of the most undiagnosed issues I’ve seen in horses, and I am so thankful this is an easy part of our program that prevents them! All of these are an absolutely irreplaceable part of our nutrition program, hence the Vitalize Trifecta.”