Hilary Irwin test

Hilary Irwin

“Since I started using Vitalize® Digest More® PLUS there has been a notable difference in my horses’ overall well-being. One mare in particular has benefited tons. I ran out for about a week once, and by the end of the week there was a definite annoyance about being touched and a grouchy in the stall attitude, all of which was nearly gone when she was on Digest More Plus daily. I will not ever let her run out again!! I have another gelding who is an OTTB. He has always struggled with a lack of topline and true muscle definition. After a month on Digest More Plus he has really started to develop both. I am looking forward to how amazing he will look and feel after a few more months! Even the farrier commented on how great he looked and his increased muscle. Compliments from the farrier are almost better than the vet!”