Vitalize Heather Chandler

Heather Chandler, RVT BS, USEA Eventing Competitor, Trainer

“I have been feeding my event and dressage horses Vitalize® for over 2 years and have seen incredible results that radiate in their top line, overall muscle building, hair coat and hoof quality. I started routine feeding Vitalize® Equine Free Choice twice daily with their Nutrena Safe Choice feed so the horses would absorb the maximum amount of nutrients from their feed. Soon after, I added Vitalize Digest More Plus twice daily as part of their regular diet. I also would never ship or trailer my horses’ long distances anymore without having Vitalize® Equine Recovery Paste (transitioned to Vitalize® Equine Recovery Gel July 2019) on hand. My event horses may travel up to 9 hours at a time to arrive at different show venues. They will drink more and seem more physically stable during unloading after administering the Recovery paste before shipping. I also give Recovery paste after a grueling cross-country phase in either the intense heat or cold climate conditions. During competitions, using these Amaferm products I noticed my horses stayed alert, physically and emotionally ready to tackle the requirements of the show atmosphere. I have also observed a decrease in horse nervous type behavior, like pawing, pacing, tension, depression and less GI symptoms like loose manure. The science and research development behind this product is obvious to me in its application in my barn. I highly recommend the use of these Vitalize products.”