Kacie Worgiss Testimonial

Kacie Worgiss

“I cannot say enough good things about these products! They keep our rope horses at their best all summer while hauling hard every weekend. I keep them on Vitalize® Equine Protein Pellet all summer long and then switch to the Vitalize® Equine Free Choice in the winter when they don’t have access to as many nutrients of their own! The best part?! They don’t need tons of other supplements and stuff with them! I feed these with their normal grain and topcoat it with oil! It has been beneficial for everything we own and I will continue to feed it! It’s nutritionally caught up my 5 year old who was headed to a kill pen as a yearling if he didn’t get bought, it keeps my head horse feeling his best, helped different horses we wanted to add weight to, and the spirit back in them. All horses we own have all have been on these products! Thanks Vitalize!”