Hannah Childress

Vitalize® Equine Free Choice mineral has worked wonders in our 6-year-old performance mare. She was purchased in December 2020. At that time, it was obvious that she had a unhealthy gut. Her coat was dull and brittle, she had very loose stools, very irritable behavior and was super cinchy. This poor girl was miserable. We have been feeding VitaFerm® to our beef herd for a few years and have seen drastic improvements in our cattle. Our supplier, after finding out what was going on with our mare, recommend that we try Vitalize with her. We sprinkle it over her feed every day, and she absolutely loves it. She has been on it now going on two months, and the results speak for themselves. Performance wise she has so much more energy. She wants to work now and loves doing her job. Her coat! She is unrecognizable. Her mane and tail have grown inches, her coat has drastically changed in color. The shine and dapples have appeared almost overnight. The cinchyness has improved, and stools are now normal. I have and will continue to recommend Vitalize to our peers in hopes they achieve the same results we have. Thanks, Vitalize and thanks to our supplier for getting our girl feeling better.”