Justin Davis Texas

“All of us in the performance horse world are looking for the edge to keep our horses looking, feeling and performing great. Vitalize® does all of this and more. My horses look and feel great! I have noticed that I can feed less due to the increased utilization of the feed. When hauling horses all over the country you have to constantly worry about the stress level you are putting your horses under. Are they going to stay on feed, are they going to show signs of colic, and most importantly are they going to perform? With Vitalize® I do not have to worry. This product has the gut working so efficiently that my horses are getting the most out of their feed. No worry about colic or weight loss and the increased stamina is awesome. Probably the best thing about this product is they can prove, through research, that it works. How many supplement companies can say that? Oh yeah, did I mention that the cost of the Vitalize® is extremely affordable. I actually have lowered my feed bill by using Vitalize®. I believe in taking care of my horses and this stuff works!”