Rodney Yost, Horse Trainer/Clinician

“The Vitalize® products, Vitalize® Equine Recovery Gel and Vitalize® Alimend, have been a game-changing addition to my nutrition program over the past year! I work hard to provide the best quality forage available, the very best grain program, necessary supplements, etc., but the horse’s ability to most effectively absorb, break down, & digest those nutrients, is the difference between pouring money on the ground without a considerable positive impact, or the horse’s maximum utilization of those great nutritional products, and, in turn, resulting in numerous positive effects, such as improved & sustained body condition, exercise recovery, hoof health, internal organ & gut health, disposition, physical & mental output, stress recovery, and overall trainability. The Vitalize family, with the help of their awesome products of Alimend and Recovery Gel, have been instrumental in being an overwhelming contributing force to assist all other aspects of my program to perform at their fullest!”