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Amanda Cousins

“I started my OTTB, Art Imitates Life, on Vitalize® Alimend® after much research into the effects of things like gastroguard in their system. I was looking for an alternative to the drugs that alter the acids that the stomach produces. Prior to Alimend Artie was difficult to put weight on, picky about hay, would go on and off grain and was grumpy to brush and tack. On May 4th I started him on Alimend’s treatment dosage and did that for 60 days. Within the first 30 days I noticed how consistently he was finishing his grain, and I was able to add a third meal. He also was finishing all of his hay. He went from maybe eating a flake while in for 7 hours to 3-4 flakes. After finishing 60 days, he’s now on the management dose and he’s much more pleasant to groom. I’m also now noticing weight gain. I would recommend ANY person to try this product and let it surprise you!”