Hindgut Fermentation 101

Horses are hindgut fermenters. What does this mean, exactly? To most, this simply means the fecal matter you clean up comes packaged in nice little balls. But it is a bit more complex than that. Let’s dive into the details of hindgut fermentation so you can better understand and improve your horse’s digestive health. What is Hindgut Fermentation?  Rhinos, rabbits, some […]

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Understanding the Equine Digestive System

The horse’s digestive system can be divided into two main sections – the foregut and the hindgut – both which are specifically designed for the horse to graze for the majority of each day. Let’s take an in-depth look at each portion and their overall role in providing nutrients to the horse. The Foregut: Stomach […]

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Cribbing and Ulcers: Is there a correlation?

“Don’t let him near my horse,” is a common response one might get if they say their horse is a cribber. Why? Because it is a common thought in the industry that the act of cribbing is a learned behavior. Is this correct? Maybe… but there could be a physiological reason behind the act that […]

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