The Triple Threat Behind Vitalize Alimend

Gastric health is all the rage in the world of equine nutrition today. Why is everyone so obsessed with this niche segment? Because nearly 90% of all performance horses suffer from gastric ulcers. When good management practices just don’t work, you need a gastric health supplement to keep your horse’s stomach healthy and protected. Most gastric health […]

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Amaferm: What it is and Why Your Horse Needs

You probably have heard of probiotics before, but did you know there is another class of gut health promoters called prebiotics? While probiotics add living microbes into the gut, prebiotics work as fuel for the microbes that are already inside the gut. Amaferm® is BioZyme®’s proprietary prebiotic, manufactured from the precise fermentation of an organism […]

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The Science and Sport of Jumping

Most people don’t combine the terms ‘sport’ and ‘science’ in the same conversation, but for Tim Worden, Ph.D., those two passions have led him to a unique role in the world of show jumping. Worden is a sports-scientist who has spent years studying the equine discipline of hunter-jumper, although it’s been years since he’s competed […]

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