Casey Deary NRHA 3 Million Dollar Rider
Lynn Symansky U.S. Team Three-Day Eventer
Elisa Wallace 5* Event Rider and American Mustang Trainer
Joie Gatlin Professional Show Jumper
Shelby Boisjoli Reserve World Champion Breakaway Rope
Haven Meged World Champion Tie-Down Roper
Trey Yates Professional Team Roper
Marcos Costa World Champion Tie-Down Roper
Emily Miller-Beisel Professional Barrel Racer
Tyler Pearson World Champion Steer Wrestler
Laura Kraut International Show Jumper and Olympic Champion
Ian Millar Professional Show Jumper and Former Olympian
Ema Klugman 5* Eventer and High-Performance Rider
Hope Thompson Professional Breakaway Roper/Team Roper
Whitney DeSalvo WPRA World Champion Team Roper
Amanda Steege Professional Rider at Ashmeadow Farm
Ashley Donadt Professional Rider and Trainer at Donadt Dressage
Sierra Conrad Professional Rider and Trainer at Integrity Sport Horses
Lisa Hellmer Professional Rider and Trainer at Sunflower Hill Farm
Katie Karssen Professional Photographer at Boss Mare Media
Manny Egusquiza Professional Team Roper
Darby Pease Professional Rider at Windcrest Farm
JD Yates World Champion Team Roper and Owner/Trainer at Hitch Rack Performance Horses
Jenni McAllister Professional Rider and Trainer at Team McAllister
Erin Holsenback Professional Rider and Trainer at Astaria Farm
Miles Baker Owner/Trainer at Baker Performance Horses
Lauren De La Fuente Rider / Blogger
Amy Millar Trainer at Millar Brooke Farm
Kendyl Tracy Professional Rider and Trainer at KT Eventing
Shai Schaefer Professional Breakaway Roper
Codi Harrison Professional Rider at Legacy Farms
Rodney Yost Clinician/Owner and Trainer Yost Performance Horses
Jonathon Millar Trainer at Millar Brooke Farm
Hillary Irwin Professonal Rider and Trainer at Hillary Irwin Eventing, LLC.
Kelly Soleau-Millar Trainer at Millar Brooke Farm and Bridge Brook Arms
Megan Lyerly Professional Barrel Racer
Grant Seger Professional Rider and Trainer at at Grant Seger Sport Horses
Ali Wolff Professional Rider and Trainer at Ali Wolff, LLC.
Derek Braun President and Founder of Split Rock Jumping Tour
Jan Byyny International 5* Event Rider & Coach at Surefire Eventing
Shaun Strickland Professional Horse Trainer at Poison Spider Remuda
Mike White Professional Team Roper and Manager of Mike White Invitational
Hayley Knox Dagenhart Professional Breakaway Roper
Elizabeth Reilly Trainer at Makoto Farm
Tara Hill Professional Team Roper and Manager of Jackpot Junkie
Shoshana Rudski Upper-Level Dressage Professional

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Equine Trainer Shares Keys to Her Success

It takes a special person to work with a species that doesn’t speak the same language as you do. However, for equestrian enthusiasts, the language barrier becomes less of a challenge over time, as both the person and the horse speak with their souls. Elisa Wallace is one such person. As an accomplished equine athlete, […]

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From Protégé to Peer: Boisjoli Joins the Next Era of Superheroes

Some little cowgirls only dream of meeting the people they look up to in their sport, watching from a distance and studying their every move. However, one Canadian turned Texan cowgirl set her goals high, worked hard and has shared the arena with those same ladies she watched for hours on end while she was […]

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Vitalize® Ambassadors Work Side-by-Side to Pursue Dreams

Love can blossom and grow in the most unexpected places. One Chemical Engineer from Massachusetts didn’t expect to find his soulmate in a horse barn in Southern California, but he did. And he hasn’t looked back. Today, that engineer-transitioned-full-time-groom is supporting his wife’s dreams of be coming an Olympic dressage rider and supporting her 100% […]

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Vitalize® Ambassadors Showcase their Game at 2021 NFR

When you think of the cowboys and cowgirls competing at the National Finals Rodeo, you likely think about events they are competing in to claim the title of World Champion. For five elite athletes, they each showcased their game while competing in Las Vegas, December 2-10.  Tie-down ropers Haven Meged and Marcos Costa said their games are reaction and […]

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Horseman Relies on Premium Nutrition to Establish “Common Ground”

Miles Baker is a student of his horses. He spends at least 12-14 hours each day with the 10-15 horses he is currently training. And that’s just his half of the equine athletes he and his business partner have split to work with. Although Baker has been horseback and working with young horses as long […]

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