Elisa Wallace, 5* Event Rider and American Mustang Trainer

“I’ve been giving Vitalize Alimend to some of the “difficult” horses. Alimend is preventing ulcers and keeping them comfortable. The same can be said for the Hyaluronex in my older horses and competition horses in preserving their joints. My horses do well on the products, and they like them. I also had an interesting experience with the Vitalize Equine Gel. We were on a 16-hour trip. One of dad’s horses was acting like it was tying up in the trailer. I like to use the Vitalize Gel after gallops. We popped her with the Gel and within 10 minutes she felt better and was safely able to make the trip. The proof is in the pudding right there! So, I always make sure we have some of that when I’m trailering.”