“In early 2019 my #1 competition horse Quantico was struggling to come back into competition shape and generally didn’t seem comfortable in work. My vets couldn’t find anything seemingly wrong but I felt in my gut that he just wasn’t 100%… in the summer of ‘19 I put Quantico on Vitalize Digest More Plus and his comfort in work started to improve over the following weeks, the discomfort in his hind gut had been overlooked for months but but was finally under control! Vitalize Digest More Plus helped Quantico go from a very light workout schedule to full fitness work and competing again over the first 6 months he was on, it made a huge positive change in his work ethic under saddle and truly helped him get back to the competition ring! I will continue to feed the Vitalize Good Gut Feeling supplements to all of my training and competition horses to keep them feeling good from the inside out!”