Shaun Strickland, Professional Horse Trainer

“One of my favorite things is the Vitalize® Equine Recovery Gel. This stuff is amazing! It’s not just for your high-end performance horses, it can be for your ranch or trail horses too. Any kind of stressful situation your horse can go through, this recovery gel is going to help. What we use it for the most is going down the road – cutting, barrel horses, working cow horses- this gel helps them bounce back after a long drive and helps them go to food and water faster. I give it to them before we show and also after we show. I call it “Miracle in a tube”! We also use it for our ranch horses – those that we use on the ranch to help them recover faster after a long ride. We also love the Vitalize® Equine Free Choice Mineral, we leave it out free-choice for those on pasture and give a small scoop to our horses in the stalls. It seems their coat is better, their hoof health is better, and overall they are better animals.”