Codi Harrison, Professional Rider at Legacy Farms

“The health of the horse is 100% one of their biggest factors. If they are not feeling great, they are not going to do their best and we do everything we can to make sure they are feeling 100%. I think you cannot be too proactive about helping them recover after a hard workout, just like humans. People take post-workout supplements, and I think it’s important to do the same thing for the horse; they’re an athlete. I use Vitalize® Equine Recovery Gel after any tough training workout we have at home, anytime that I feel his muscles need a little extra recovery, I use it. So about 2-3 time a week at home. And then definitely after every ride at the show. After a really tough workout, he’s a little but sluggish in the stall and after using the Recovery Paste he seems a little more bright-eyed, and goes immediately to his food when it’s offered to him. I would recommend Vitalize to just about anybody because you can never be too proactive with your horse and you can never be too careful on making sure they feel great.”