Setting Goals is Key to Young Barrel Racer’s Success

“If you follow your dreams, your dreams will succeed and so will you.”  

That’s pretty astute advice from a 9-year-old, but it’s the advice she gives to herself and others that have goals in life. And it apparently works, as Kaysen Scott has followed her own advice all the way to the Junior National Finals Rodeo this past December, where she placed fifth in her age division in barrel racing. 

“It was amazing! I couldn’t even put it in words. It was so much fun,” Kaysen said, describing her first trip to Las Vegas, both to compete in the Junior rodeo and take in the National Finals Rodeo and corresponding events. 

Kaysen, who’s daily routine typically entails attending fourth grade, has been riding horses her entire life on her family’s 500-head Angus ranch that consists of her parents, Brian and Kiley Scott-Kocher, along with her grandparents, Troy Scott, a former steer wrestler, and Katie Scott, a past professional barrel racer, great aunt and uncle and other relatives. She has been racing barrels for about two years learning from her mom and Nana Katie Scott. However, the journey to Las Vegas, hasn’t always been an easy one. 

According to her mom, Kaysen was riding a young horse last summer that wasn’t an ideal fit. After she found herself on the ground a few times, she was about to give up on her dreams. 

“She was about to quit. She was pretty discouraged. I put the search on and found this mare for her. She’s actually a ¾-sister to a horse I ran when Kaysen was a baby. She’d never had a kid on her or anything. The people we bought her from thought that we were nuts. But they have been such an amazing team. It’s been kind of a fairytale really,” Kiley said. 

Beta Miracle aka Bobbie was the partner and miracle that Kaysen needed to succeed. The duo qualified for the Junior NFR at a qualifying event in Torrington. With a 12-hour drive to Las Vegas and numerous family and friends on-hand to support her and Bobbie, the barrel racing duo advanced after two rounds to the short round of the top 20 girls in the 11 years and younger division. In the end, her time earned her 5th out of the 69 girls. 

“I was so surprised! I came out of the arena bawling. My mom thought I was crying because I didn’t run a 13.9. But I was just so happy,” Kaysen exclaimed. 

With strong role models close to home in her mom and nana, she also looks up to professional barrel racers Hailey Kinsel and Lisa Lockhart. She was able to meet both athletes during the Cowboy Christmas at the convention center. However, she said the very best part of her 10-day journey was simply competing. 

“The best part was I got to run against the best barrel racers in the country of my age,” she said. 

With one Junior NFR under her belt, and the new year upon her, Kaysen is ready to take on new goals. She wrote down her 2022 goals, which include: 1) Win a slot race; 2) Make it to the American; 3) Win the Junior World Finals; and 4) Set an arena record. She knows that these goals come with practice, hard work and taking care of her and her horse. 

One way she is taking care of Bobbie is by providing her with nutrition from Vitalize®, including Vitalize Alimend® for gastric health; Vitalize Equine Free Choice, a vitamin and mineral supplement; and Vitalize Equine Protein Pellet, a vitamin and mineral supplement with added protein. Bobbie also receives the Vitalize Equine Gel when she is on the road, which helps provide recovery during stressful times like competing and hauling. 

“Her hair is shinier, and she works really good. She recovers better with the Vitalize Gel on the road,” Kaysen said. 

All the Vitalize products that Bobbie is getting are powered by Amaferm®, a precision prebiotic designed to boost animal resilience to challenges. It is research-proven to improve gut integrity and immune response. Vitalize products are designed improve digestive health and gut integrity, keeping your animal healthy and performing. 

One thing is certain. With a good horse, great goals and amazing role models, Kaysen is sure to continue to reach her dreams. She already has goals for far beyond 2022. When asked about when she wants to do when she grows up, she has that response ready, too: ranch, run barrels and train horses. 

“I’m glad she wants to carry on the family ranch. I’m glad she has big goals. I hope they take her far,” Kiley said.  

Set your goals. Work hard. Follow your dreams. They may just take you to the experience of a lifetime. And if your dreams include an equine partner, remember to take care of him or her with the #goodgutfeeling from Vitalize.