horse energy supplement

Should You Be Using a Horse Energy Supplement? Vitalize® Can Help 

Horse Energy Supplement Most horses are high-energy animals. Despite that, we rarely think of them as requiring more energy than they are getting in a ration. But that’s an incomplete picture of their needs. There are frequent periods when your horse needs more support than a traditional ration can provide. Maybe they’re battling high temperatures […]

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electrolytes for horses

Electrolytes for Horses Help with Dehydration During Summer Hauling

Electrolytes for Horses Summer is right around the corner, which means more summer fun with horse shows and rodeos. While most athletes and exhibitors are accustomed to long drives and climate changes, your equine partner probably takes the ride a little harder than you do.   At BioZyme® Inc., we put our focus on care that […]

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Vitalize® Scholarship Riders have Amazing Split Rock Experiences

Opportunities are everywhere if you just seek them out. In 2021, seven equine enthusiasts received the Vitalize® Equine Split Rock Jumping Tour Scholarship, as a way to allow these competitors to experience a high-level horse show without the worry of additional expenses. The Vitalize Scholarship paid for entry fees and stabling for one horse for […]

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Setting Goals is Key to Young Barrel Racer’s Success

“If you follow your dreams, your dreams will succeed and so will you.”   That’s pretty astute advice from a 9-year-old, but it’s the advice she gives to herself and others that have goals in life. And it apparently works, as Kaysen Scott has followed her own advice all the way to the Junior National Finals Rodeo this past December, […]

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