Understanding NSC Content in Horse Feed and Supplements, Horse Feed, Slow horse feed

Understanding NSC Content in Horse Feed and Supplements 

If you are a horse lover, it’s likely you have been to more than one feed or farm store looking for the ideal horse feed for your trusted equine companions. And, oh the decisions! They make horse feed and supplements for nearly every scenario you can imagine. And that can be a good thing.   Like […]

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5 Things You Need to Know to Avoid Winter Colic 

Winter is right around the corner, which means a few things for horse owners: indoor lessons, blanketing, hand warmers and colic. Colic is more frequent in the winter months primarily because animals decrease their daily water intake. So, let’s talk winter colic.  Horses usually drink nearly 5-12 gallons of water per day. However, in the winter, they […]

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Vitalize® Scholarship Riders have Amazing Split Rock Experiences

Opportunities are everywhere if you just seek them out. In 2021, seven equine enthusiasts received the Vitalize® Equine Split Rock Jumping Tour Scholarship, as a way to allow these competitors to experience a high-level horse show without the worry of additional expenses. The Vitalize Scholarship paid for entry fees and stabling for one horse for […]

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