horse ration balancer

Horse Ration Balancer Provides Nutrients, Not Calories 

Horse Ration Balancer Humans and horses alike are in their health-conscious and calorie-counting era. Just like we want a balanced diet without excess calories, we want the same for our equine companions. Whether you ride for pleasure or competition, you know that your horses need essential nutrients to thrive and feel their best.  That’s why […]

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forage-only diet for horses

What To Consider When Transitioning to a Forage-only Diet for Horses 

Forage-only Diet for Horses Diet fads come and go, and that is true for our equine companions. In the last year, returning to their heritage and providing forage-based and forage-only diets increased in popularity with horse owners.   Horses are natural grazers, so it makes sense that they would gravitate toward forage. However, there are definite […]

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forage-based diet for horses

The Benefits of a Forage-based Diet for Horses 

Forage-based Diet for Horses Horses were born to be natural grazers. Today, many of our equine friends are given extra love and attention with individually prepared meal twice daily. These are comprised of oats, corn, barley, or any processed feeds.  However, when horses were introduced to America by the Spanish, they survived and thrived on […]

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horse dewormer

Using Horse Dewormer to Prevent Parasitic Colic 

Parasites. Out of sight, out of mind. That’s why we don’t often think about them targeting our equine companions. But when parasites attack, they do so in ways that can lead to some heavy internal damage, including colic.   Taking preventative measures, including using horse dewormer, is a great step in keeping parasites away. However, first, […]

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