Vitalize® Scholarship Riders have Amazing Split Rock Experiences

Opportunities are everywhere if you just seek them out. In 2021, seven equine enthusiasts received the Vitalize® Equine Split Rock Jumping Tour Scholarship, as a way to allow these competitors to experience a high-level horse show without the worry of additional expenses. The Vitalize Scholarship paid for entry fees and stabling for one horse for each of the Split Rock Jumping Tour Shows in 2021. 

Kayln Owens, Inman, South Carolina, had been to a Split Rock event as a groom, but enjoyed her trip to Aiken so much she hopes to compete in Sarasota, in the future. She and her horse, Grover, an 8-year-old thoroughbred, had a wonderful experience. 

“Split Rock was a wonderful show at a wonderful venue! It was super fun to get all the competitors together,” she said.  

As a first-time Vitalize user, she said the Vitalize® Equine Gel and Vitalize® Horse Treats were a hit with Grover. 

“I use the Vitalize Gel when we are showing multiple days in a row, and he comes back out feeling good. It also helps with his water intake. He also loves the Vitalize Horse Treats. He is completely spoiled,” Owens said. 

Professional rider Kendra Gohr, waited until the night before the deadline to complete her scholarship application, and she is so thankful she did. After competing at the Split Rock show in Columbus, Ohio, in 2021, she is already planning her summer schedule to include other Split Rock Shows in 2022.  

“Split Rock was amazing. We enjoyed every aspect of it. The class sizes were competitive without being overwhelming, and we got to be up close and interact with other professionals,” Gohr said. 

Hailing from Green Bay, Wisconsin, her home-raised horse Greg does not handle the heat well. She used the Vitalize Blazin’ on Greg before they headed to Ohio. 

“Greg doesn’t do very well in the heat. He gets really lethargic, and I seemed to notice a difference in him and his energy level when he was using the Blazin’. I was glad to find a product that helps with temperature. I definitely plan to put him back on it this summer when it gets hot again,” she said. 

For Brienne Bute, of Windsong Farm in California, this was her second Split Rock Sonoma appearance. She returned because she liked the way everything is managed. However, this is the first time she’s used Vitalize on her horse, Jack Sparrow, affectionately called “The Pirate.”  

“I’m a huge fan of the good gut feeling Vitalize provides my horses. From the daily pellets to the Equine Gel, I could really tell a difference. My horses responded well, their coats are shinier, and my horse never got tired after competing,” Bute said.  

Having competed from coast-to-coast, and in various disciplines, Bute loves the equestrian lifestyle and the sport of jumping.  

“The sport is always getting better. Each rider has his or her own style, and jumping is just so freeing,” she said. 

Rory Treuhaft, Denver, Colorado, enjoyed everything about her initial Split Rock Show in Denver, including the variety of classes to the victory laps. However, the week before Split Rock, her equine partner was injured so she rode a leased horse, that she had ridden only twice previous. She said he was a good horse and made the event enjoyable, with the duo placing seventh one of the days. 

The teen says she is thankful for the scholarship because it helped her parents, and she definitely hopes to continue jumping through college. She has a new horse now that she describes as “very stealthy,” and she is excited to show him. 

“I use the Vitalize Horse Treats all of the time. The horses really enjoy them. Just like I enjoy showing – I loved going into the ring, trying to beat all of the other times,” Treuhaft said. 

Melodie Robitaille, Columbus, Ohio, rode her horse Kasper at the Split Rock Classic, in June. She has always had a love for the Kentucky Horse Park and is excited to compete there during the Split Rock Show, during the first time it has offered multiple disciplines.  

“Honestly, I’ve been wanting to show at Split Rock since it started. And I thought I would be going in jumper, so the fact that they added hunters and equitation was super exciting, and it’s so cool that I’ll be able to compete as a hunter and in equitation, a little bit of everything. That’s really exciting to be able to come to a show that I’ve been wanting to go to for so long with everything that they offer now,” she said.  

Robitaille started riding competitively when she started 4-H at age 8 and focused primarily on dressage with her mom. Then she transitioned to jumping and the hunters. This is her final year as a junior. 

Taylor Cawley, the then 13-year-old from Wellington, Florida, rode Squid at the second SRJT Hunter Jumper Classic event in Lexington.   

“This will be the first show that I’ve been doing courses with non-ponies. For me as a young, upcoming professional, it’s good to have these introductions, where I can learn what I have to do to get what I deserve. I am a strong believer in the amount of work you put in is equal to the amount of success you’ll get out of it. I’m very excited because in the past I’ve always showed ponies, so I’m very excited to show my horse there and hopefully do well, if not, maybe we’ll try again next year,” Cawley said.  

Born into the horse world, with parents who show and train professionally, Cawley has always had a passion for horses. She credits her parents and her current trainers for the amazing opportunities she has already had and looks forward to more in the future. She said she loves all aspects of horse care from mixing feed to hand walking her horses to grooming them and hopes to someday be part of a team and ride and show in Europe.  

Vitalize® is a line of supplements for horses that contain BioZyme®’s precision prebiotics to improve digestive health and gut integrity, keeping animals healthy and performing.  The Equine Gel Contains the ideal balance of vitamins, organic minerals, amino acids and antioxidants as well as MOS and Amaferm® for maximum support of immune function and stress recovery. It is ideal to use during illness, trauma, performance or any other stressful situations. The Horse Treats also contain the prebiotic Amaferm and are all natural with carrot flavor. Blazin’ is an oral liquid product to support recovery from heat stress and exertion. It contains a proprietary blend of ingredients to support blood flow and dissipation of body heat. 

“We are proud to sponsor these riders and their horses at these Split Rock Shows, while providing their equine partners the good gut feeling powered by Vitalize,” said Hayley Keck, BioZyme Marketing Brand Manager. “I grew up showing at only a few rated shows each year, so being able to provide a high-quality show to these riders and trainers at a fraction of the cost really hits home. The scholarship is a way that our company can reward hard work while also helping competitors reach their goals.”