Hair, Skin and Hoof Health Starts in the Gut

Most horse owners take gut health seriously due to the common challenges that can result from neglecting to care for the digestive tract, including colic, ulcers, weight loss, laminitis… the list goes on. It is no doubt digestive health is vital to keeping your horse happy and healthy, but did you know gut health affects many other aspects of equine wellness and well-being, too?  

Most notably, “good gut” health can be seen on the outside through a shiny coat, healthy skin, strong hooves and even beautiful dapples.  

One of the most common responses from customers when they start using a Vitalize® product is not only an improvement in gut health, but an actual change in physical appearance. Here’s one customer’s testimonial:   

“Her coat was dull and brittle; she had very loose stools, very irritable behavior and was super cinchy. . . Her coat! She is unrecognizable. Her mane and tail have grown inches, her coat has drastically changed in color. The shine and dapples have appeared almost overnight. The cinchiness has improved, and stools are now normal. I have and will continue to recommend Vitalize to our peers in hopes they achieve the same results we have. Thanks, Vitalize!” – Hannah Childress 

Often the animal will begin to “bloom” in ways the owner has never seen before. But why? This is mainly due to the improvement in the body’s ability to absorb nutrients. 

Yes, it is true that many Vitalize products, such as Vitalize Digest More® Plus, Vitalize Free Choice Mineral or Vitalize High Performance, also contain biotin and zinc for healthy hooves, skin and coat. Those ingredients certainly help. However, if the horse’s body is not able to properly digest and utilize them, they are of no use to the body. Ultimately if not absorbed, those nutrients from feed and other supplements (along with your hard-earned money) will just get excreted out the hind-end. 

What makes Vitalize products different than other gut health products? The “secret ” is our proprietary, research-proven prebiotic, Amaferm®, which has been shown to increase absorption by up to 30%. What would your horse look like if he was absorbing 30% more of the feed, vitamins, minerals and supplements you are feeding him? You might even get a lower feed bill. Read more on that here: Increase Weight Gain, Decrease Feed Bills, Improve Gut Health. 

Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but when your horse feels good, it will look good. Who doesn’t want a horse with a shiny coat, strong hooves and a flowing main and tail? So, next time you are getting your horse’s meal ready, think inside and outside the gut and include Vitalize for that good gut feeling.