Benefits of a Forage-Based Diet For Horses

Benefits of a Forage-Based Diet for Horses

Horses were born to be natural grazers. Long before they were fed oats, corn, barley, or any processed feeds and had individually mixed meals twice a day, horses were introduced to America by the Spanish and survived and thrived on forages – the native grasses of the prairies that were available to them. Nearly 500 […]

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Hair, Skin and Hoof Health Starts in the Gut

Most horse owners take gut health seriously due to the common challenges that can result from neglecting to care for the digestive tract, including colic, ulcers, weight loss, laminitis… the list goes on. It is no doubt digestive health is vital to keeping your horse happy and healthy, but did you know gut health affects […]

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Increase Weight Gain, Decrease Feed Bills, Improve Gut Health

What if there was something to help your horse gain weight, and also lower your feed bills?   Here is a common scenario: you buy a skinny, unthrifty horse. You feed, feed, feed the horse, but you just don’t see any improvement in his or her weight or muscling despite proper nutrition and training. If this sounds […]

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