Should You Be Using a Horse Energy Supplement? Vitalize® Can Help 

horse energy supplement

Horse Energy Supplement

Most horses are high-energy animals. Despite that, we rarely think of them as requiring more energy than they are getting in a ration. But that’s an incomplete picture of their needs. There are frequent periods when your horse needs more support than a traditional ration can provide. Maybe they’re battling high temperatures or recovering from performance—these increase needs. That’s where a horse energy supplement can help. 

A horse energy supplement is a product designed to boost energy levels, improve performance, and support overall health in horses. Energy supplements are often used in specific contexts, such as intense training and competition, during intense heat when extra stamina and energy are required, or when a horse requires extra energy for recovery. 

Vitalize Products Can Help Your Horse 

At BioZyme®, we care about all animals, but our team has a special place in its hearts for our equine companions. Several of us ride and compete in various disciplines. We know that horses are there for us in our best and worst of times. That is why we have developed horse supplements that are research-proven to improve the daily lives of our horses and yours.  

Vitalize® is a line of supplements for horses, dogs and cats with proven solutions to keep your animal healthy and performing. The basis of the majority of the Vitalize line is AO-Biotics® Amaferm®, a research-proven prebiotic to enhance digestibility. Due to the benefits of Amaferm, many horses experience #agoodgutfeeling, both in the fore- and hindgut. 

In this blog, we’ll discuss not just Vitalize but specific products to support your horse. Energy supplementation is complex, and there are a variety of advantages—and challenges—to consider. So, let’s dive in. 

Advantages of Feeding a Horse Energy Supplement 

Here are the key advantages of using a horse energy supplement: 

Enhanced Performance 

Energy supplements can provide a quick and concentrated source of energy, allowing horses to perform at their best during competitions, races or intense training sessions. They can help maintain stamina and endurance during prolonged exercise, reducing fatigue and improving overall performance. 

Support for Hard Work & Training 

Horses in intensive training or work programs often require higher energy intake to meet their demands. A horse energy supplement can help meet these needs without the bulk of additional feed. They can be useful for horses involved in physically demanding activities, such as eventing, show jumping, dressage or endurance riding. 

Improved Recovery 

Energy supplements can aid in recovery after intense exercise or competition by replenishing glycogen stores and supporting muscle repair. They can help horses recover faster, reducing the risk of overtraining or injury. 


Many energy supplements contain a combination of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins, providing a balanced source of energy that the horse can quickly utilize. Some supplements also contain additional nutrients, such as vitamins, minerals, and equine electrolytes, contributing to overall health and well-being. 

Versatility & Convenience 

Energy supplements are available in various forms, such as powders, liquids, gels or energy bars, offering flexibility in how they are administered. They are convenient for on-the-go use, allowing easy supplementation during events or travel. 

Tailored Solutions 

Horse energy supplements can be tailored to specific needs, such as those of performance horses, senior horses or horses recovering from illness or injury. They can be used to address specific energy deficits, providing a customized solution for each horse’s unique requirements. If you have specific questions about how and when to use a horse energy supplement, it is best to consult with your equine veterinarian or trusted nutritionist. 

Improved Digestion 

Some energy supplements contain beneficial ingredients like prebiotics and probiotics, supporting gut health and digestion. This can be especially useful for horses with sensitive stomachs or those prone to digestive issues. 

Vitalize Offers a Safe, Effective Energy Supplement 

If you’ve read about the advantages of incorporating a horse energy supplement into your regime and are ready to take the plunge, Vitalize has you covered. 

We offer Vitalize® Blazin’, a powerful, liquid supplement that supports your horse during periods of recovery. You can order some now from our Online Store, from one of our preferred online dealers, including Amazon and FarmVet or shop locally using our where to buy tool. 

If you want to learn more about Vitalize Blazin, you can check out the product page or read this blog. We discuss it in more detail below. 

Challenges of Feeding a Horse Energy Supplement 

Just like all things have benefits, there are also potential disadvantages and risks associated with using a horse energy supplement.  

Risk of Over-Feeding 

Providing too much energy can lead to weight gain and obesity, which may increase the risk of joint issues, laminitis and other health problems. Excessive energy supplementation can also disrupt the overall balance of a horse’s diet, leading to nutritional imbalances. 

Behavioral Changes 

Increased excitability and hyperactivity are two traits you do not want in your horse. Energy supplements can cause some horses to become more excitable or “hot,” leading to undesirable behaviors like spooking, rearing or bolting. Some horses may exhibit heightened energy and restlessness, making them difficult to manage and potentially dangerous. 

Colic & Digestive Issues 

Energy supplements, especially those high in simple sugars or starches, can increase the risk of colic and digestive disturbances. The use of high-energy supplements can disrupt the gut microbiome, leading to digestive issues and impacting nutrient absorption. 

Risk of Over-Supplementation 

Some energy supplements contain additional vitamins and minerals, which can lead to over-supplementation when combined with a balanced feed program. Excessive supplementation with certain nutrients can be harmful and cause toxicity. 

Compliance & Safety 

Some energy supplements may contain substances banned in competition. It’s essential to ensure that any supplement used complies with relevant regulations and does not contain prohibited substances. The quality of energy supplements can vary, and some may be contaminated with harmful substances. Choosing reputable brands and ensuring product safety is critical. 

Cost & Dependency 

Energy supplements can be expensive, adding to the overall cost of horse care and management. Relying heavily on a horse energy supplement can create dependency, leading to reduced focus on balanced feeding practices and holistic horse care. 

Considerations When Using a Horse Energy Supplement 

Before adding or changing any supplement use, we always recommend consulting with your local veterinarian or equine nutritional consultant. Make gradual changes to the diets and monitor any negative side effects, such as behavior or changes in stools.  

Quality & Safety 

Choose high-quality supplements from reputable manufacturers to ensure safety and avoid harmful additives or banned substances. Consult with a veterinarian or equine nutritionist to ensure the supplement is appropriate for your horse’s needs and does not interfere with other medications or treatments. 

Dosage & Administration 

Follow the recommended dosage and administration guidelines to avoid over-supplementation, which can lead to digestive issues or other health concerns. 

Balanced Diet 

While energy supplements can provide a boost, they should not replace a balanced diet. Ensure your horse receives adequate forage, water, and essential nutrients from their regular feed. 

Overall, horse energy supplements can be a valuable tool for enhancing performance, supporting recovery, and meeting the energy demands of intensive training or competition. By using them judiciously and in conjunction with a balanced diet and proper care, you can help ensure your horse remains healthy and energetic. 

Vitalize Can Help 

Are you looking for a safe, high-quality cost-effective horse energy supplement that won’t disrupt the gut microbiome and has low sugar and no banned substances? Then you came to the right place! Vitalize offers all these things with a #goodgutfeelling in mind.  

Our digestive supplements are backed by Amaferm, a prebiotic designed to enhance digestibility. Research shows that just feeding Amaferm increases Volatile Fatty Acid (VFA) production, which means the horse has more energy to perform. And that is just one example of Amaferm’s benefits. 

 Vitalize® Blazin’ is a liquid product for horses designed to support normal recovery from heat stress and exertion. More than just an equine electrolyte, Blazin’ offers three key benefits: 

  • Contains AO-Biotics Amaferm, a prebiotic research-proven to enhance digestibility. 
  • Promotes cellular hydration and water retention. 
  • Contains antioxidants to reduce damaging free radicals caused by exertion and heat. 

Blazin works not only due to the Amaferm but also because of the other ingredients it includes. Let’s explore: 

Potassium Chloride 

Potassium Chloride maintains water balance in the blood and is necessary for electrical activity in nerve and muscle cells. 

Betaine Hydrochloride 

Betaine Hydrochloride has been shown to reduce lactic acid build-up following exercise. 

Magnesium Oxide 

This often-forgotten electrolyte, magnesium, is needed for proper blood acid/base balance, body water homeostasis, muscle contraction, and cramping prevention. Magnesium Oxyde is particularly important for performance horses. It supports equine mood balance, performance, muscle function, and metabolic health. 

L- Arginine 

In horses, L-arginine supplementation may enhance overall exercise performance and recovery, help improve cardiac function and blood flow, and potentially reduce the impact of lactic acid. 

L- Citrulline 

L-Citrulline DL-Malate may support increased stamina by aiding in the efficient transport of oxygen and nutrients to muscles, thereby delaying the onset of fatigue. It improves time to exhaustion during exercise. 

“Vitalize Blazin’ works differently than other products on the market. While it does help replenish some of what is lost and maintain cellular hydration, it also supports blood flow to the skin, which helps to dissipate body heat. Additionally, we know that elevated temperatures and exertion often result in damaging free radicals and fatigue, so the formula contains antioxidants to help combat those effects,” said Lynsey Whitacre, Ph.D., BioZyme’s Director of Smarketing and Product Development. 

Blazin’ is Trusted by Professionals 

Professional show jumper Darby Pease shares what she appreciates about Vitalize Blazin’ as a horse energy supplement. 

“I’ve seen really good results with Vitalize® Blazin’. My jumping horse is a big, lazy horse, and everything about him is slow. I’ve tried so many energy products just to give him a little more oomph, and some things will work a little bit and some things don’t work at all, but Blazin’ has worked really well on him. He responds super well to it, and I’ve actually used it in all different types of weather.  

“In the hot weather, it gives him some extra energy and helps him recover so much faster after rounds and between the first round and the jump off. In cold weather, it gave him extra energy, too. It just gives him a little bit extra fire, and overall makes him feel better.” 

Darby went on to say, “It works very quickly, about 24 hours to kick in. I give him one or two pumps on top of his feed morning and night, and he eats it great. He’s kind of picky, but he really likes it, which is good. I feel like I have been able to jump him in bigger classes because of it. It’s helped him reach his potential better because he has enough energy to get around the big jumps with increased stamina.”  

Get Your Vitalize Now  

If you are looking for a safe, effective, high-quality horse energy supplement, Vitalize Blazin’ is available in two convenient sizes: a 32- and 64-ounce bottle with easy-to-use pumps. Use as needed and administer 2 to 4 pumps (30 – 60 mL) per day, depending on the intensity of heat and exercise.    

We recommend splitting the dose between morning and evening feedings. The best results will be obtained after at least three consecutive days of use, and depending on environmental conditions, the product can be used as long as needed.   

You can purchase Blazin’ from BioZyme online or through one of our select online retailers. Get your Vitalize Blazin’ and other Vitalize products from your local BioZyme dealer, or wherever Vitalize products are sold.  

Do you want to learn more about Blazin’ or other Vitalize products for horse gut and joint health? Read more of our educational blogs or visit our website.  

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