Benefits of a Forage-Based Diet For Horses

Benefits of a Forage-Based Diet for Horses

Horses were born to be natural grazers. Long before they were fed oats, corn, barley, or any processed feeds and had individually mixed meals twice a day, horses were introduced to America by the Spanish and survived and thrived on forages – the native grasses of the prairies that were available to them. Nearly 500 […]

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Vitalize® Welcomes New Products to its Lineup

Vitalize® is a brand originally built on BioZyme®’s expertise in animal nutrition and gut health. Now, Vitalize will focus on a wider range of products and a new species by including the Hyaluronex® and Trixsyn® products into the brand.   “We are excited to move Hyaluronex and Trixsyn into the Vitalize brand. Many of the Vitalize […]

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Vasquez: Keeping 4-Legged Companions Healthy Starts in the Gut

One veterinarian’s advice has led Leah Vasquez to discover a line of products for both her horses and dog that she relies on to give them a #goodgutfeeling and help them stay healthy and feeling their best. Since finding the Vitalize® products, Vasquez has noticed a remarkable difference in the way her animals eat, feel […]

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