World Champion Haven Meged is the Newest Vitalize® Ambassador

On the road. Again. Finally. These are the sentiments of many professional cowboys and cowgirls as they are getting to rodeo after months of COVID-19 shutdown. And being on the road, means they are hauling horses many miles, needing the best care for their health. 

Haven Meged, Miles City, Montana, is one of those cowboys glad to be back on the road. The reigning world-champion tie-down roper and newest Vitalize® Ambassador started back up in late June and has been able to hit several rodeos each week. Recently, he was traveling from Burwell, Nebraska, to Deadwood, South Dakota with a final destination for the week of Spanish Fork, Utah. 

“These two-lanes roads are rough. The Vitalize® Alimend® is going to help keep my horses’ guts feeling good because when we are traveling day in and day out, getting in and out of the trailer, that is the hardest part on the horse. When they are in the trailer that is when they get ulcers the worst,” Meged said. 

The Vitalize Alimend is a unique blend of MHB3® Hyaluronan, H. erinaceous (Lion’s mane) extract, and Amaferm® that supports digestion, hindgut health, and nutrient absorption in horses. This natural product is safe for continuous use and does not alter stomach pH. Amaferm® is a precision prebiotic designed to enhance digestibility by amplifying nutrient supply for maximum performance. It is research-proven to significantly increase intake, digestion, and absorption improving gut health, as well as boost animal resilience to challenges.

Meged gives his horses the Vitalize Alimend twice a day to help ensure they maintain a good gut feeling to help keep them healthy and performing. He has two primary roping horses; he continues to rope off his mare, Beyonce, that he won the Average and the World on in Las Vegas. He added a new horse to this mix this spring and is also roping from a 5-year-old, that he says is doing great. 

“I want my horses to stay slick and shiny and feeling the best. That is my number one priority out here is making sure my horses look good and feel good. If they don’t feel good, they aren’t going to perform to their best. It’s all about making them feel good,” he said. 

Meged grew up on his family’s ranch in southeastern Montana. He started rodeoing when he was in junior high and hasn’t stopped since. A first-generation rodeo athlete, he spent his childhood riding a stick horse, dreaming of his time to rope in the NFR.  

“Yeah, I think every little kid dreams of that, winning a world title. It is always something from watching the NFR, you just hope that someday you’ll get to be in their spot, watching the guys on TV, guys like Trevor Brazille and Cody Ohl, guys I idolize.”  

Although the season has been shortened, Meged’s passion and drive remains strong. Currently ranked in the top 10, he knows he has to stay focused to remain a leader in his sport. That starts with keeping his equine partner healthy. 

“It’s hard when there’s 175 guys out here. It’s kind of a drawing contest. You have to take advantage of every good calf you get. You’re not going to get a good calf every time,” he said. 

With a drive and healthy, performing horse, Meged is destined to achieve his dreams. Products from Vitalize will help keep his equine partners feeling their best.