The Importance of Nutrient Absorption for Weight Gain in Horses

You know how important your horse’s nutrition is for his development, health and performance. Without those proper nutrients, your horse will be at a disadvantage and ultimately not be able to perform to its full potential. So, you feed a quality diet packed with all the right things… but your horse is still not gaining weight! Does this sound familiar? It could be because he is not absorbing the nutrients you provide.

Advanced Level Eventing Trainer Hillary Irwin stated, “It does not matter how fantastic your grain is, if your horse isn’t utilizing the nutrients properly.”

Have you ever thought about this before? If you are having trouble putting weight on your horse, it may be time to consider your horse’s ability to digest and absorb the nutrients you are feeding.

Below are images from Hillary’s off-the-track Thoroughbred who has been on Vitalize® products throughout his training. The photo to the right shows increased weight and muscle conditioning, as well as improved skin and coat health.



Absorption is a vital part of digestion that occurs in the small intestine. It is through absorption that your horse is able to move nutrients from the diet out of the gut and in to the bloodstream for them to be utilized. The amount of a nutrient that actually get absorbed into the horse’s bloodstream varies greatly between different animals and different nutrients. On the low end of the spectrum, the absorption of some nutrients is only near 10%, leaving 90% unused and going into waste.

Knowing this, it is no wonder why so many thrifty horses are fed paramount diets but yet remain thin, because it is the role of the digestive system to first do its job before the feed can work its magic to put on the pounds.

The Weight Gain Benefits of Amaferm®

 So, now you know your horse must utilize its feed in order to gain weight. What if there was something to aid in this process to ensure your horse was always getting what you feed it? There is, and it’s called Amaferm. Amaferm is a precision prebiotic found in Vitalize products designed to increase intake, digestibility and nutrient absorption. In fact, it has been proven to increase nutrient absorption in horses by up to 30%. To view more research on Amaferm, click here.

For you, this means you can trust you are getting the true value from what your horse consumes. Not only will their digestive system be improved in efficacy, but you should see major changes on the outside of your horse as well. Check out this testimonial from Beth Harrill:

“Stellar products! I work with a rescue that saves slaughter-bound horses. I board and train them, and ultimately find them perfect homes. The Vitalize Digest More® Plus has helped them bounce back from their trip through the kill pen and quarantine much faster. Their coats show a noticeable difference in just two weeks and they’re gaining weight faster than ever. I highly recommend them!”