Achieve Exceptional Gut Health with these Two Key Players

The words “exceptional” and “gut health” are seldom used in the same sentence when it comes to the equine athlete. There are endless factors working against the horse’s digestive system, so we must do everything possible to combat challenges like colic, ulcers, weight loss and diarrhea. Vitalize® helps horses achieve the best possible gut health with two of the best players in the game: Amaferm® and MOS.

Meet Amaferm:

Amaferm, BioZyme®’s research-proven precision prebiotic, is the MVP in every one of the Vitalize products. Not only has it been proven for more than 50 years in university and peer-reviewed research studies, but it also has been a game-changer for our customers during the years as well. It is shown to increase overall digestibility in the horse, mitigating the chance for things to go wrong, as well as increase the horse’s ability to absorb nutrients. This is especially important due to how much you spend at the feed store. How do you know your horse is actually utilizing what you feed it, and not just excreting your hard-earned money out his hind-end? It all starts in the gut.

Meet MOS:

Commonly called MOS for short, mannooligosaccharide is another proven prebiotic. However, instead of working to promote the good microbes in the gut, like Amaferm it works to eliminate the bad microbes (pathogens) that are in the gut. This is especially important when the gut is challenged during stressful activities, like competition, hauling, illness, surgery recovery, vaccinations or digestive upset.

How they work together:

When put on the same “team”, Amaferm and MOS work together seamlessly to create exceptional gut health in your animal. Amaferm will increase the good microorganisms living in the gut, helping them flourish and maintaining “a good gut feeling” in your horse, while MOS works as the defense to ensure there are no intruders that may cause an internal conflict. Because they are both prebiotics, they are also stable and will not die or lose their efficacy when subjected to environmental forces, like many probiotics do.

What you will see:

You should see a healthier and more comfortable horse. In addition to seeing less of the digestive issues mentioned above, your horse will also be able to process its food better, thanks to Amaferm, so you will see a shiny hair coat and strong, healthy hooves, as well as better weight management.

How you can win the game: 

Now that you know how these two players work together to create exceptional gut health, where can you get them? Two of the Vitalize products contain both of these key players: Vitalize® Equine Digest More® Plus and Vitalize® Equine Recovery Gel. Digest More Plus is perfect for those horses who are already being fed a fortified feed and premium forage and contains Amaferm, MOS, and biotin, & zinc. Vitalize Equine Recovery Gel is best used in any kind of stressful situation to help horses keep a balanced gut and perform their best.