Colic Awareness: Preventing Colic Part 5

We have made it to the last week of August! While summer is still lingering, Fall is right around the corner, which means changes in the weather and higher occurrences of colic. So, pay attention to this last segment of colic prevention!

Dietary support supplement.

It is estimated that nearly 10% of all horses will suffer from colic each year, so it is our jobs to decrease this statistic in every way possible. However, there are times when even the best management practices are just not enough to prevent colic and something more is needed to help support our animals.  Research has shown it beneficial to supplement a daily digestive aid that contains probiotics (living cultures) or prebiotics (non-living cultures) to help improve gut health, especially in times of stress. Stressful situations are the ideal state for good gut bacteria to suffer and bad gut pathogens to thrive, ultimately creating a cesspool for the “perfect storm”: colic.

Prebiotics, such as BioZyme®’s all-natural Amaferm®, work with and produce more of the good bacteria in the gut, which helps stabilize the digestive tract and maintain a good-gut feeling. In addition, all Vitalize products have the Amaferm® Advantage which increases nutrient digestion and absorption, energy yield from feed, hoof and coat health, and overall immune function (since 70% of the immune cells live in the gut!). Some of our products, such as Digest More Plus and Recovery Gel, also contain MOS—an additive that aids in sequestering of bad pathogens in the gut. By adding a daily supplement like Vitalize, we can be one step ahead and help stop colic in its tracks.

So in summary, our top tips for colic prevention are:

  • Providing ample forage
  • Feeding consistent, small meals
  • Turnout and Exercise
  • Hydration
  • and Supplementation!

With these tips fresh in our minds, we can expand colic-awareness, not only in August, but throughout the whole year to help prevent colic in our barns aisles and at horse shows.

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