How to Keep Horses Healthier, Happier with Vitalize

Long-time equestrian enthusiast, Stacey Oppermann knows one of the keys to a rider’s success is keeping horses healthy, and that a healthy horse is usually happier. Oppermann, owner of Cedar Creek Equestrian in Cedarburg, Wis., has spent years training horses and athletes in the sport of hunter-jumper, as well as competing herself.

She is currently focused on up-and-coming competitors. Oppermann said she enjoys getting to start working with the riders from “scratch” to teach them proper form and technique. The athletes, including her daughter, compete on the hunter jumper circuit on the local and national levels.

This Spring, Oppermann returned from the World Cup with two bags of Vitalize® Equine Digest More® Plus, from the prompting of a trainer and good friend. And what she discovered with the Vitalize products has improved her horses.

“I’ve always been interested in what can make my horses happier and healthier,” Oppermann said. “It’s great stuff. I’ve been really impressed, and I’ve tried just about everything.”

Oppermann said she tested the Vitalize Digest More Plus on her own horses first. She usually keeps about 20 horses at the barn, but anytime she tries a new feed or product, she always tries it on her 6-7 horses first. It only took about one month for her to start seeing positive results with the Vitalize Digest More Plus.

“After about 30 days their coats were shinier, they were happier, the ones that were picky eaters weren’t as picky anymore, and the horses seemed a little less stressed when they traveled,” she said. “I liked their attitude better and their look. Their muscling improved. After about 90 days I put every horse in the barn on it, and now Digest More Plus is part of our feeding program.”

With such great results with the Equine Digest More Plus, Oppermann decided to try more Vitalize products to see how they kept her horses’ guts in check. She feeds all the older horses in the barn the Vitalize Equine Protein Pellets. She also started some of her horses on the Vitalize Equine Recovery Paste (transitioned to Vitalize® Equine Recovery Gel July 2019) when she hauls them.

Giving Recovery Paste to her more sensitive or stressed horses when traveling has helped them immensely, and she shared three success stories.

Oppermann said she has a few horses that are very girthy and they get more girthy when they are stressed and travel. She said she uses the Equine Recovery Paste on them each day of the trip, and they are much happier.

Another horse showed signs of colic, but within a half-hour of the taking the Equine Recovery Paste, the horse was perfectly fine.

“I once shipped a horse six hours to a competition, he didn’t go to the bathroom the entire time and was very uncomfortable when he came off the trailer. I gave him a tube of recovery paste and walked him for 30 minutes and he was perfectly fine,” Oppermann recalls.

The key ingredient in Vitalize products is Amaferm®, a natural prebiotic that supports the horse’s entire digestive system resulting in an increase in digestibility and absorption of nutrients. Just like Oppermann, with the Amaferm advantage, you should see your horses experience stamina without getting hot, hard keepers / picky eaters eating and gaining weight; overall digestive wellness, consistent appetite and strong solid hooves.

She encourages any horse lover who is interested in seeing a positive change to give a new product at least 90 days to show results. After 90 days and three products, she is a sure believer in what Vitalize and the Amaferm advantage has done for horses at Cedar Creek Equestrian.

“I saw attitude changes, weight gain, muscling changes,” she said.