Vasquez: Keeping 4-Legged Companions Healthy Starts in the Gut

One veterinarian’s advice has led Leah Vasquez to discover a line of products for both her horses and dog that she relies on to give them a #goodgutfeeling and help them stay healthy and feeling their best. Since finding the Vitalize® products, Vasquez has noticed a remarkable difference in the way her animals eat, feel and perform. 

“I was recently introduced to Vitalize, when I had a horse, that I have since sold, who was admitted for what we originally thought was colic, but he had some pretty nasty gastric ulcers in his foregut and hindgut. Our vet had recommended we feed Vitalize® Alimend®, and our horse did phenomenal! We put him on that, and when we sold him, we sent him with a bottle. Our new horse is on it, and my dog is on the dog version of it,” Vasquez said. 

Vitalize Alimend is available in formulas for both horses and dogs and is designed to support gastric health and GI tissue, which may relieve occasional gastric issues commonly associated with training, traveling, and performance. 

Vasquez is no stranger to the equine business or taking care of horses. She started riding at 5-years-old and never stopped. Even when her family moved overseas, the youngster galloped horses for a German trainer near Hong Kong before they moved back to Pennsylvania and Vasquez started in the hunter and jumper disciplines. She eventually moved to Louisville, Kentucky, where she currently lives.  

Eventing is the sport of choice for Vasquez today, although due to her location, she also helps a lot with racehorses. She has a love for retired racehorses, the only horses she has ever owned.  

“I’ve had horses my whole life. I bought my first off-track Thoroughbred in 2019 after I leased him for a while. Every horse I have ever owned has come off the track. That is what I like to do,” she said. 

Now, Vasquez owns Reggie, a horse she is training for eventing, and who has also been getting the best care possible with Vitalize products. 

“We started feeding the Vitalize® Equine Gel to Reggie at shows. When we travel, he goes off of his feed, and so I started feeding it to him in the middle of September. Within 20 minutes, he had eaten all of his feed,” Vasquez said. “It is so easy to find, too. FarmVet or Valley Vet are usually at our shows, and they both keep it. They are both wonderful to work with. They are typically who I buy all my supplements through.” 

Vasquez also appreciates that her horses don’t turn their muzzles up at the Vitalize products.  

“I like that Alimend is picky-eater approved. The horse that had the really bad ulcers, would not eat for days on end. When we had started him on it, he started eating,” she said. 

Today, in addition to feeding Vitalize Alimend and Vitalize Equine Gel when he travels, Reggie also gets Vitalize Equine Digest More® Plus as a daily supplement. Digest More Plus contains AO-Biotics® Amaferm® for increased digestibility, MOS to normalize hindgut microbiota and support the immune system, and biotin and zinc for coat and hoof health. 

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