Team Vitalize® Represented at NFR

The most exciting 10 days of rodeo is here, and Team Vitalize® is excited to be represented in Las Vegas at the 2022 National Finals Rodeo. 

This year, four Vitalize Ambassadors will be competing in their respective events, vying for the titles of NFR World Champion. They include: 

  • Emily Beisel, Barrel Racing 
  • Shelby Boisjoli, Breakaway Roping 
  • Haven Meged, Tie-down Roping 
  • Trey Yates, Team Roping  

Vitalize products, powered by research-proven ingredients, help give these rodeo athletes’ horses the #goodgutfeeling they need to keep them healthy and performing. Vitalize® Alimend® is one of the favorites amongst the athletes. 

“We have about 40 horses, and each one gets two squirts on their feed every day. I’ve noticed a big difference since we started on Alimend. It helps keep the gut healthy, and a healthy gut means a healthy horse everywhere else,” Boisjoli said.  

Beisel said in addition to the Alimend, her lead horse, Chongo also gets the Vitalize® Equine Gel while in Vegas and anytime he hauls to keep his tummy tame. He, along with Beisel’s other top horses, Beau and Pipewrench, are also big fans of the Vitalize Horse Treats.  

If you are attending NFR, be sure to stop by the Vitalize and VitaFerm® booth #459 at Mandalay Bay’s Roper Cowboy Christmas. Our BioZyme® staff will be on hand to visit about the variety of products offered by the brands and will also host autograph signings with the four Vitalize ambassadors competing at NFR throughout the 10 days. Watch social media (@vitalizeeq) for specific details. 

To learn how to give your horses the #goodgutfeeling they deserve with Vitalize products, visit