Benefits of Loose Mineral Feeding

While feeding loose mineral has been a long-time practice for cattle producers, it has become beneficial for many horse farms too. Loose mineral is convenient to use and easy for horses to consume. Most importantly, it helps your four-legged friends avoid these common, detrimental issues.

1) Mineral Imbalances

Depending on what you feed your horse, the ugly truth is that he may not be receiving everything he needs from his diet. Receiving optimum vitamins and minerals is crucial for animals on pasture, especially growing weanlings or foals. Mineral imbalances can cause problems in health, development, soundness, behavior and performance.

An easy, convenient way to ensure your horse is getting what he needs and is safe guarded from imbalance is by feeding a loose mineral like Vitalize® Equine Free Choice. The loose mineral is palatable and can be fed either free choice in pasture or top dressed on grain.

2) Harmful Effects of Weather Changes

Weather changes affect the mineral composition of grass, which can cause a harmful imbalance to grazing animals. Imagine this: you haven’t had rain in weeks Then, after a period of drought, the weather drops 20 degrees, rains 3 inches, and the grass grows rapidly—yay! There will also be a spike in the grass’s potassium levels paired with a decline in calcium, magnesium and sodium. When horses eat this altered grass, it creates the “perfect storm” for colic, laminitis, abortions, allergies and many other ailments. This is a prime reason to offer free-choice mineral to horses – to help them regulate imbalances in a quick, efficient way.

3) Licking the Ground

Have you seen your horse licking the ground? He might be trying to tell you something! Sometimes horses naturally turn to Mother Nature to find the minerals they are missing. However, this can be detrimental to his health and put him at a higher risk for parasites or, if in a sandy region, sand colic.

Vitalize Equine Free Choice Mineral contains 25 vitamins and minerals, including biotin and zinc for healthier hooves and coat, and our proprietary prebiotic—Amaferm®— research-proven to support digestive and immune health and increase nutrient absorption of feed.

You’ve got a lot invested in your horse. He’s your companion, your confidant and perhaps even your athletic partner. You don’t want to skimp on his nutrition. Be sure to give him the best source of vitamins and minerals to give him a #goodgutfeeling, keep him looking and feeling his best. Vitalize Equine Free Choice Mineral is a convenient option to make sure your horses get their vitamins every day.