Trainer Madeline Reich Uses Vitalize to Keep Horses Energized

Madeline Reich has a passion for the equine industry. The 24-year-old just celebrated her first anniversary as owner and trainer at Reichland Farm, a training facility at Sterrett, Ala., near Birmingham. The young horse enthusiast trains and shows hunter-jumper horses, and has for most of her life. Just recently she has added a barrel racing mare to her stable, and considers the sport of barrel racing a new-found hobby.

Although there is a significant difference in the way she rides her mare that she barrel races with compared to the rest of the horses at Reichland Farm, one thing remains the same – the need for a consistent diet that keeps her horses performing – either chasing cans or jumping. Reich said Vitalize® Digest More® PLUS is a key component to keeping her horses healthy and performing.

“A consistent diet is optimal for the horses.” Reich said. “Everything in the barn is fed Digest More PLUS twice a day.”

Reich is very pleased with the results she has seen since introducing Digest More PLUS to her and her clients’ horses. With her show horses, she says the Digest More PLUS keeps the finicky horses eating better, especially when they are on the road to shows. It also keeps her horses’ energy up to get a good performance out of them without making them too ‘hot’ or giving them too much energy.

At the same time, the Digest More PLUS aids her barrel mare by keeping her eating and getting the optimal amount of energy to keep her performing at her best.

In addition to preparing her horses to perform with Digest More PLUS, Reich has found that the Vitalize Equine Recovery Paste (transitioned to Vitalize® Equine Recovery Gel July 2019) helps eliminate the stress of travel and performing for all her horses.

Reich said she gives the Recovery Paste to each horse that is going to travel to a show or rodeo. She typically starts giving it to the horses 2-3 days before they travel, while at the show and then has it handy at their destination to give them after they perform to help reduce stress. The recovery paste is also good to give to the horse if they start showing signs of colic.

“I give it to my mare after each time she makes a run,” Reich said. “She is a slow eater, and the paste helps with the stress after every race.”

“The Vitalize products are such good all-around supplements. They have the right ingredients to keep my horses comfortable and helps their appearance, which in the end, enhances their performance,” Reich said.

Reich is a student of the equine industry. She knows what it takes to make her horses comfortable, eating and performing at their maximum potential. The common thread that keeps her horses going – whether it is jumping for show or in a Friday night rodeo is the Vitalize line of products available from BioZyme.