Professional Horse Trainer Feeds Vitalize to Keep Digestive Health in Check

Candie Miner has been around high-performing horses her entire life. She was raised in Oklahoma and is an Oklahoma State University graduate with a degree in Animal Science. She now lives in Decatur, Texas, where she is a professional barrel racer and trains a handful of horses for other horse enthusiasts.

Candie said she was introduced to Vitalize® by John Jeffrey, ASM in Oklahoma and Eastern Kansas, and fellow OSU alumni. She was skeptical of the product at first, but after eight months of feeding it to nearly 15 horses, she is a true believer in the products.

“The overall health of my horses is important, and it all starts with nutrition.” Candie said. “Nutritional performance is important to the way they learn and handle themselves and become competitive. Vitalize is the building block on which to start them out.”

Keeping her horses’ digestive health in check is imperative to Candie. She feeds Vitalize Equine High Performance pellet to horses in the barn to help prevent ulcers. The horses turned out on grass are offered the Vitalize Equine Free Choice mineral. Candie says she has noticed her horses look healthier with a shiny hair coat; handle stress with more ease and their feet are healthier since adding Vitalize products to her feeding program. She said they readily eat it, and she has been able to cut back on feed because of the Amaferm® advantage. Amaferm is a natural prebiotic designed to maximize the nutritional value of feed.

“I know that Amaferm makes a difference in my horses’ overall health and their performance. I like that it is economical to feed. When you have 15 horses, the feed bill is a big thing,” Candie said. “My horses eat less and it is easy to feed.”

A former pharmaceutical sales rep, Candie is excited about the the extra performance she has seen in her barrel horses since including Vitalize in their diets. She has recommended it to others so they can experience the same results she has with healthier, higher performing horses. And, she plans to expand her use of the products by introducing the Vitalize Equine Recovery Paste (transitioned to Vitalize® Equine Recovery Gel July 2019) to her horses when she hauls them to rodeos and shows.