10 Items to Make Show Life Easier

Life at the show is stressful on you and your horse. The next time you hop in the trailer and head to your next event, don’t forget these little things to make everything go more smoothly.

  1. Registration and information binder

While you are hauling to the show or when you arrive, you will likely need to have up-to-date documentation on your horse. This may include a coggins, a health certificate and registration papers for your horse. An easy way to keep track of everything is to put all the papers in a small 3-ring binder. Sliding the pages into plastic covers will ensure they stay clean and dry!

  1. Boot polish

For obvious reasons, boot polish is necessary! Avoid the mess of traditional boot polish and buy the express shine sponges.

  1. Vitalize® Equine Recovery Gel

For your horse, shows equal stress! Even if it doesn’t seem like it, the change in environment, possible changes in feed or water quality and the extra effort they will be putting into performing means the horse is under stress. Combat the stress and help them recover quicker during multi-day competitions with Vitalize® Equine Recovery Gel.

  1. Anti-sweat sheet or cooler

An anti-sweat sheet (scrim) or cooler will help regulate your horse’s temperature before or after showing. As a bonus, it will also help keep them clean after you have spent hours bathing, grooming and prepping to win!

  1. Duct tape

What can you do with duct tape? What CAN’T you do with duct tape?? Our favorite use is a strip on the horse’s stall door with his or her name and emergency contact info.

  1. Zip ties

Zip ties, almost as valuable as duct tape! Use industrial grade zip ties to hang water buckets, saddle racks or your Vitalize show banner.

  1. Stall guard

Horse show stalls are usually small. Bring along a stall guard that you can hang for your horse so he can stretch his neck into the aisle. Be careful that he can’t reach any grain bags, tack, or other horses.

  1. Safety pins/sewing kit

Whether you need to pin on your entry number or sew on a button, these are handy to have in your show trunk.

  1. Rubbing alcohol

Rubbing alcohol has many surprising uses. Some of the best are as a liniment under leg wraps, for removing poop stains or whatever sticky stuff your horse has managed to get on his only white spot or to spray on overheated horses to help them cool down.

  1. First aid kit

We hope you never need it, but always keep a small first aid kit (with human and horse bandages) with you at the show or while hauling.