Vitalize® Equine Recovery Paste

Vitalize Recovery Paste


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Vitalize® Equine Recovery Paste

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What horse is the ideal candidate?
Any horse who is stressed! We suggest administering 30 mL to your horse in the following situations: digestive upset, colic symptoms, hauling, showing, vaccinations, surgery recovery, antibiotic treatments, or worming.


Immediate Response
Immediate response to digestive problems
Water Bucket
Increases feed & water intake
Immune Health
Boosts immune system

What is it?

A 3-in-1 paste to get horses back on their feet after trauma, illness, performance or stress and contains the ideal balance of vitamins, organic minerals, amino acids and anti-oxidants as well as MOS and Amaferm® for maximum support of immune function and stress recovery.



When to use Vitalize Equine Recovery Paste?


Immediate Response

Digestive Upset

Administer 1 tube as soon as digestive upset is noticed and every 4 hours afterward until condition is improved up to two times a day

Immediate Response


Administer 1 tube when diarrhea is noticed.

Immediate Response


Administer 1 tube approximately 2 hours prior to showing. For overly stressed or anxious horses, administer 1 tube the night before competition as well as 2 hours prior.

Immediate Response


Administer 1 tube approximately 2 hours prior to hauling. For long trips, administer 1 additional tube every 4 hours while hauling up to two times a day.

Immediate Response


Administer 15 mL to foal for 2 days prior to weaning, on the day of weaning, and for 2 days following weaning

Immediate Response

Not Eating or Drinking

Administer 1 tube immediately and then every 4 hours afterward until condition is improved up to two times a day.

Immediate Response

On Antibiotics

Administer 1 tube twice daily during course of antibiotics and for 1 week afterward.

Immediate Response

Other Stress (Weather Changes, Social Stress, etc.)

Administer 1 tube every 4 to 24 hours depending on extent of stress up two times a day.


Heather Chandler Heather Chandler

I would never ship or trailer my horses long distances without Vitalize Equine Recovery Paste on hand. My event horses may travel up to 9 hours at a time to arrive at different show venues. They will drink more and seem more physically stable during unloading after administering the paste before shipping. I also give recovery paste after a grueling cross-country phase in either the intense heat or cold climate conditions. The science and research development behind this product is obvious to me in its application in my barn. I highly recommend the use of these Vitalize products."



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