Acidosis in Horses

One of the digestive health-related issues that can arise in horses is a condition called hindgut acidosis. This generally refers to an increase in acidity in the cecum and/or colon. Hindgut acidosis may have a multitude of effects on horse health and performance. Unfortunately, hindgut acidosis is generally a result of the well-intended horse owner […]

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Alex Granato, Colorado

First Things First

Horses are amazing animals that are able to accomplish a variety of skills ranging in the categories of performing, working, and simply being great companions.  Those of us in the horse industry love the thrill of successful training, winning performances, and reaching our horses on a deeper level, but as with all good things, we […]

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Is Your Horse Fuel Efficient?

Fuel efficiency is a concern no matter where you fit in today’s challenging economic times. When purchasing a vehicle, one typically searches for the one we like that gives us more miles per gallon. In other words, we are continuously stretching the dollar and trying to find the best economic benefit in our daily decisions. […]

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