The Game Against Digestive Upset: Offense & Defense of Digest More Plus

What if I told you…

There is a premier equine digestive health supplement that not only preserves a healthy gastrointestinal tract, but also increases digestion and absorption, maximizing the nutritional value of your feed. What does that mean exactly? Your horse will actually use the nutrients you are feeding it! (i.e. he can DIGEST MORE of his dinner, gain weight and be able to perform better on the inside and the outside.) Did we mention it also contains Biotin & Zinc for strong hooves and shiny coats? Oh, and it only costs about $1/day! It’s true! Meet Vitalize® Equine Digest More® PLUS, a total game-changer in equine nutrition.

Now, let’s break it down:

The Basics of the Gut:

The equine gut contains both good and bad bacteria, which are living microorganisms “bugs” that can thrive or perish based on the environment of the gut. If the microbe populations are kept at a ratio where the good guys outweigh the bad guys, a healthy gut (and happy horse) will sustain. If the bad guys overpower the good guys, there will be digestive upset, often leading to colic, laminitis, or disease.

The Good Guys:

The “good guys” include cellulolytic bacteria, whose function is to help digest forage. These bacteria are also fueled by the forage, which is why horses should have free-access to it 24/7, or as often as possible, so to help maintain the pH of the gut and microbe population levels. When there are lifestyle changes (hauling, competition, antibiotics, transitional periods, etc.) that affect the daily routine, gut pH, and the microbe population ratio, that’s where Digest More Plus comes into the game with its key offensive player, Amaferm®.

The Offense:

Amaferm—BioZyme’s own natural, precision prebiotic that works to increase the good bacteria (and fungi) in the digestive tract. It is a prebiotic, so it works with the good bacteria already present in the gut, as opposed to a probiotic which introduces new microorganisms to the body. The offense helps win the healthy gut game by allowing the good guys to outscore the bad guys!

The Bad Guys:

Some of the “bad guys” found in the gut actually have important responsibilities too, such as digesting starch found in grains. Unfortunately, starch-digesting microbes release lactic acid that can lower the pH of the gut and wreak havoc if their population starts to grow rapidly (in the case of overfeeding grains). Maintaining a healthy gut is all about microbial balance, keeping the population of good guys large and potentially bad guys small. When the bad guys start to outnumber the good guys, the gut becomes more susceptible to colonization by pathogenic bacteria (the REALLY bad guys!). In this case, we need defensive players to stop the colonization (or “scoring” by the really bad guys), enter mannan oligosaccharides (aka MOS) onto the field.

The Defense:

MOS is a natural ingredient that sequesters the bad pathogens (such as E. coli and Salmonella) in the gut by providing a surface for them to attach. The MOS then adsorbs these pathogens and they are excreted. When the offense, or good guys, aren’t playing well due to stress, slight illness, or even a change in feed, the defense is especially important.

In the game against digestive upset, we need the best offense and defense tactics to keep our animals happy and healthy. Vitalize Equine Digest More Plus puts all its best players in the game to do just that!