Vitalize® Equine Free Choice Mineral

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Vitalize Equine Free Choice

Vitalize® Equine Free Choice


What horse is the ideal candidate?
Any horse on pasture, including all ages and stages of life.


Nutrient Absorption
Digestion & Nutrient Absorption
Immune Health
Immune Health
Hoof Care
Hoof & Coat Health
Mineral Balance
Mineral Balances

What is it?

A highly-fortified, free choice or top-dress loose vitamin and mineral supplement that contains Amaferm, BioZyme’s natural, precision prebiotic that is research-proven to increase nutrient absorption and digestion of feed.

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Terry Morgan Terry Morgan

The mineral helps their gut, which helps their overall health. The broodmares pass the benefits on through to their babies. The babies are born with no problems, and the mares don’t lose weight or suffer during pregnancy or while nursing them. You go with what you know, I wouldn’t feed anything else unless you quit making it."






Benefits of Loose Mineral Feeding

While feeding loose mineral has been a long-time practice for cattle farmers, it has become a beneficial staple for many horse farms as well. Loose mineral is convenient for us, and easy to consume for our horses. More importantly, it helps your four-legged friends avoid these common, detrimental issues.


Which Vitalize Product is Right For Me?

BioZyme® produces four varieties of daily equine supplements, so it can be difficult to understand which Vitalize® product is the perfect match for your horse. Each horse has a different lifestyle, diet, age, and weight—all factors that affect which one to feed. Today, we will walk you through these products and identify the best candidate for each supplement. We encourage you to reach out to us with any questions you may have as we would love to assist you in choosing your next supplement!


Frequently Asked Questions About Vitalize

When it comes to your horse’s overall health and performance, maintaining its digestive health should be a top priority. That is why BioZyme® Inc., has developed Vitalize® products to help improve digestive health and gut integrity, keeping your horses healthy, looking their best and performing to their highest ability.