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Vitalize Alimend is a natural product that provides 24/7 stomach comfort for your horses. It contains patented and proven ingredients that work with the horse’s biology in a novel way to improve gastric health. Each ingredient in Alimend has been independently researched and verified for efficacy.

Research-Backed Ingredients:

  • MHB3 Hyaluronan® - Patented and proven through pre-clinical and clinical research to support gastric health & GI tissue. High molecular weight HA can significantly protect gastric mucosa from injury. (Al-Bayaty et al., 2011)
  • Amaferm® - Research-proven to significantly increase intake, digestion, and absorption improving gut health. (McDaniel J. Anim Sci 71 2164-2172)
  • H. erinaceous (lion’s mane) extract - An extract rich in beta glucan content that supports enhanced gastroprotection. Contains bioactive components with anti-ulcer activities. (Wong et al., 2013)




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The Triple Threat Behind Vitalize Alimend
Gastric health is all the rage in the world of equine nutrition today. Why is everyone so obsessed with this niche segment? Because nearly 90% of all performance horses suffer from gastric ulcers. When good management practices just don’t work, you need a gastric health supplement to keep your horse’s stomach healthy and protected. Most gastric health products on the market
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A Comprehensive Guide to Equine Gastric Health
Gastric health is achieved when the stomach is free of disease and discomfort. Unfortunately, in performance horses the incidence of gastric discomfort is high. The horse’s stomach continuously secretes hydrochloric acid throughout the day and night, regardless if feed has been ingested. High acid in the stomach, especially in an empty stomach, predisposes the horse to gastric ulcers. Equine gastric
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Ian Miller Ian Miller

Vitalize® Alimend® is the real deal. We started with it because one of my daughter’s horses had a chronic stomach issue and we got a dramatic result. It is the complete package for gastrointestinal digestive health, and a product like Alimend can go a long way in helping your horse stay healthy and comfortable.”



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