Vitalize Blazin’ Frequently Asked Questions

You asked, we listened and answered. Here are a few of the questions we are most frequently asked questions about our new heat stress product, Vitalize® Blazin’:  

  1. Can Blazin’ help my horse that is a non-sweater? 

Blazin’ supports cooling mechanisms to help prevent overheating if your horse is not sweating well and also contains salt and minerals that are required for normal sweat production. 

  1. Can I feed Blazin’ with other Vitalize products?  

Yes. Blazin’ does not interact with other products and can be fed with any other Vitalize product.  

  1. Does Blazin’ interact with other products or drugs I am giving my horse? 

No. There are no known drug interactions, and it does not interact with other supplements or products. 

  1. Is Blazin’ FEI safe? 

Yes. Blazin’ contains no prohibited substances. Always check with your organization on specific questions you may have.  

  1. Is Blazin’ like an electrolyte? Do I need to feed both Blazin’ and my current electrolyte?  

Blazin’ is MORE than just your average electrolyte supplement. It is the most innovative technology in managing heat stress and exertion in horses. Blazin’ contains salt, sugar and minerals that help with sweat production and adequate water intake, so you do not need to supplement additional electrolytes when feeding Blazin’. In addition to increasing water intake, Blazin’ also promotes blood flow, promotes hydration, enhances exercise tolerance, reduces damaging free radicals and supports a healthy body temperature and respiratory rate. If you start feeding Blazin’, you do not need to continue feeding another electrolyte. 

  1. Where can I buy it?  

You can get Blazin’ at any Vitalize dealer, either found locally or through our online retailers. BioZyme dealers who carry our other brands (such as VitaFerm or Sure Champ) also have the ability to order Blazin’ for you.  Click here to find where to buy.  

  1. How much is Blazin’? How long will one container of Blazin’ last? 

Blazin’ retails for $56 for 32 oz. and $106 for 64 oz. Depending on whether you are feeding the low or high dose, usage is as follows:   

32 oz. - 16-32 Days  
64 oz.- 32-64 Days  

We recommend using the environment (temperature and humidity) and required exertion of the horse as a guide to whether the low or high dose should be fed. If you are unsure or using the product for the first time, start with the low dose and work up to the high dose, if needed.  

  1. Can I give Blazin’ to my mini horse or foal? 

There is no reason you couldn’t feed Blazin’ to your mini or foal; however, we have not established or tested dosing with them, yet, so we cannot recommend a dosing rate.  

  1. How does Blazin’ compare to BioZyme®’s HEAT® mineral for other livestock? 

BioZyme’s HEAT mineral lines for livestock contain capsaicin to help control body temperature, where Blazin’ does NOT contain capsaicin.  

  1. Can I give Blazin’ to my goats? 

Blazin’ is not labeled for goats, however, BioZyme carries products specifically formulated for goats and other livestock. Check out DuraFerm sheep and goat products here, and all BioZyme brands here. 

Do you have more questions? Click here to learn more on the Blazin’ product page. Or, send us a message on Facebook or Instagram and we will get back to you ASAP!