5 Things I Wish My Young Self Knew

5 Things I Wish My Younger Self Knew

Recently, we asked our social media followers, “If you could go back and give your younger self a piece of advice, what would it be?” We loved the comments and feedback we received, and much of the advice given can be applied whether you are a young rider or someone with years of experience. Here are some of our favorite nuggets of wisdom (or something like this):

  1. “Respect everyone, no matter who they are.” When you are young it is easy to forget that the people that you see every weekend or are riding against are the people that you will continue to cross paths with for the rest your life. The impression you make on someone when you are young is one that will likely follow you.
  2. “If my horse is having fun, I’m having fun!” Sometimes simpler said than done, but don’t forget riding is supposed to be enjoyable. When horse and rider are on the same wave length that is where you will find the most fun.
  1. “Don’t rush important decisions.” Whether it is buying a new horse, figuring out where to go to college, finding the right coach or determining what the next move towards your goal is, it is safe to say putting careful consideration in to important decisions is always a wise move.
  1. “Take the time to ride more and to use the opportunities offered.” Aren’t we all sitting here wishing we would have more hours in the days and days in the month to ride? Life can quickly get in the way of time spent in the saddle. Don’t pass on those opportunities to ride or jump in the trailer and attend that weekend show.
  1. “If the horse isn’t doing what you asked, you aren’t asking correctly.” Even though most horses don’t know English, we can learn how to communicate with them. But don’t forget, that they can also communicate with us. Listen to what the horse says. If he refuses to do what you asked, try to think of a different way to ask and try to understand why he refused the first time.