Q & A with Denise and Bruce Colclasure


Q & A with Denise and Bruce Colclasure – Amaferm Believers

How did you first learn about AMAFERM and when did you first start to use it?

Over 20 years ago I was having trouble with my horses and their nutrition program and that particular day I had a mare tied out and an older gentleman pulled in the driveway, his name was Billy Van Kidney (BioZyme Area Sales Manager). Billy Van approached me and says to me, “ I want to tell you about this incredible supplement and I told him not today, I don’t have time today” so Billy Van went out the driveway. A couple of weeks later he got the nerve to pull back in the driveway, and this time I let him sit and tell me about Amaferm.

So what made you decide you wanted to use the products?

I was having tying up problems and I didn’t understand why I was having them. Billy Van was telling me about the AMAFERM advantage, about the hindgut digestion and its impact on the safety of my horses. I would have to say that is what probably really attracted me the most, knowing my horses were safe.

In 1994, I won the world on a horse called Fislo Flash. He’d tied-up frequently. We were just having too many digestive problems with him. The results that we saw with Amaferm on him made us true believers.

So why do you still use the products today?

The number one reason we still use Amaferm and the Vitalize products is because I like to sleep. We keep 100 head of horses in stalls and to wake up every morning knowing we won’t have an issue with colic, that’s a good feeling. Over the past two decades, we have not had one horse on our property colic.

A quick, funny story about our use of the Vitalize with the Amaferm products. To all of our horses, we just feed oats and good quality hay. After a few years of always having the Vitalize products incorporated in that diet, one day I thought to myself we are adding too much expense, so we got Vitalize out. I will promise you that after about 30 days of being off of it, we went to having colic issues. So we proved to ourselves that using this product works and we got right back on, and have not had problems at all since and so we are still on it to this day.

You train and bring a lot of horses to your stable. Does everything get Vitalize?

When the horses come in here for any reason, our clients have no choice about whether or not their horse is going to get a Vitalize product. You have clients that want to argue with you on that, “I feed this and they hand you 10 different bags of supplements that they want you to give their horse every day,” and I look at them and I tell them your horse is going to get oats and your horse is going to get Vitalize. If you’re not satisfied with that then take your horse, because I’m not jeopardizing your horses life on these 10 supplements you just left me. So it isn’t an option.

Whenever we clean stalls, for people that aren’t on the product they’ll see a lot of oats and hay particles in the manure. Whenever your horses are on a product with Amaferm you won’t see any of that. It totally helps break down and utilize everything that goes into that horse. It is amazing, we used to spread manure in the pasture and we’d have an oat crop, we don’t have that anymore. Now there’s no oats in the manure, it has all been utilized.