Caroline Kavanagh

 “I started using Vitalize® Alimend® about 3 months ago on my ottb. He’s always been a bit tender for grooming and I suspected ulcers, but didn’t want to scope him and didn’t want to use medication, as I’ve done a lot of research about acid rebound. I REALLY wanted to find a product that not only helped him heal, but also hit the hind gut and prevented future ulcers. I found Alimend and loved the research behind the product. The price is high, HOWEVER it lasts a really really long time and is MUCH cheaper than dealing with full blown medical treatment. Within a couple DAYS my ottb was standing quietly to be brushed. Shockingly, his personality changed too…which I was not expecting. He now thinks EVERYONE has treats for him and engages with strangers, which he never did before. He also started to really put on weight, which I wasn’t expecting either! We cut his grain in half and he hasn’t dropped any weight at all… which is shocking for an ottb! I swear by the product and tell everyone I know about it! My horse will never be off the product, ever! I’m absolutely floored.”