Vitalize Stable Gut

The Vitalize Stable Gut Program is a barn loyalty discount program designed to encourage stables to go “all in” on Vitalize Daily Digestive Health supplements, feeding them to every horse in the barn to support the entire digestive tract - from stomach to hindgut - all year round!

Once enrolled, the program will provide a 25% discount on Vitalize Daily Digestive Health products (Digest More Plus and Alimend) when purchasing for 3+ horses directly through After signing up for the program below, you will receive a personal discount code via email to be used at This code is only valid for the Stable Gut Program enrollee for purchases over $400 retail value.

*Indicates Stable Gut Program Pricing when purchasing over $400 worth of Vitalize products at retail value at



Once enrolled, you will also have the opportunity to earn rewards based on program participation. To remain active in the program, you must use your code 3 times per year.