Colic Awareness: Preventing Colic Part 3

   We have already learned about how forage and consistency can play a huge part in your horse’s diet and ability to avoid colic. Next up is one specifically for those horses on the road at horse shows or events… Turnout or Exercise Keeping the body moving is also vital to maintaining a good gut […]

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Colic Awareness: Preventing Colic Part 2

Last time, we discussed the importance of forage in your horse’s diet. Today’s colic tip is perhaps one of the most important practices: consistency. Feed small, consistent meals.  Because many horses are used for performance or breeding purposes, they generally need more energy than what hay can supply, which is why we as trainers, owners, and riders […]

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Colic Awareness: Preventing Colic Part 1

August marks the beginning of the school year, changing temperatures, and end of summer horse shows! But, there is something even more important about August: it is Vitalize®’s colic awareness month. Recent studies have indicated that there are nearly 920,000 cases of colic every year in the United States alone. What is colic? Colic is pain originating […]

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