Product Feature: Vitalize Amaferm Recovery Paste

teal-bgVitalize® Amaferm® Recovery Paste – perfect for your horse and dog (what horse doesn’t travel without a dog?)

This is the time of year many of us horse people travel south to escape the cold winter. But, how will your horse handle the trip, including the long trailer ride, the different weather and then many horse shows to follow? Some horses may handle the change of weather and atmosphere fine, but some may have a hard time acclimating to the heat, humidity, new water and change of location. What better product to give you horse than Vitalize Amaferm Recovery Paste! While Amaferm Digest More pellets are a great every day supplement to feed your horses to keep their stomach and digestive system happy; when you a really need to make sure your horse remains comfortable with big travel plans, you can rely on Vitalize Amaferm Recovery Paste. Give your horse a tube before he leaves on that long trailer ride and even a tube every 4 or 5 hours on the ride. This will keep your horse’s stomach protected from the stress of travel and as happy as if they were just at home.

This paste is beneficial to horses that get antsy and don’t eat or act like they have an uncomfortable stomach when going to new places. If you have a horse coming off an injury or that is prone to colic then this product is for you. Watch this product put your horse’s recovery in overdrive. A tube or two for the first few days at their new location does wonders for those finicky type horses; this helps keep their appetite and digestive system completely normal.

Not only are we worried about our horses when it comes to traveling, but what about those other four legged friends all of us horse people have with us? We have to remember our dogs, too! Their stomachs need help sometimes too when it comes to traveling. It is very common for dogs to get upset stomachs from traveling or maybe you have a hard time getting your dog to eat when you move to new places. Vitalize Amaferm Recovery Paste for your dog is a great solution to all these issues. We want to keep all of our four legged friends as happy as can be when traveling, going to shows and new farms. Take a second to read more about Vitalize Amaferm Recovery Paste and what it can offer for your horses and dogs – you won’t regret it.