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Mary Bowen | Maryland

“When we purchased Chick N Surprise aka Hakuna Matata, he was under weight, had a dull coat, poor stamina and acted as if he had an ulcer. The first few shows were rough for the horse. He was so nervous about everything and didn’t eat well. Once we started him on Vitalize Equine Protein Pellets he settled into eating and was less nervous. Midway through the show season he started winning first place in his jumper classes, and at the end of the show season, three months later he had gone from the bottom of the statistics to finishing third overall for the season. Hakuna’s muscles are well developed now, he has the look of a champion in his eye, his coat is shiny, and he is not nervous anymore. His recovery time between classes is much better since being on Vitalize and has the stamina to keep going.”